Teasing Games with Empress Sophia

Here I come across the shiny tile floors, all you can hear are my 5 inch black leather heels tapping on the floor. *click* *click* Coming closer and closer. You hear me but can’t see me. Your sitting in your favorite chair in the middle of the room. I reach around and blind fold you. You’re a little nervous but just taking in my scent calms you so. Rubbing my breast against your back and reaching around to feel the rise in your jeans. You’re very aroused and excited for what’s coming…
I move my body to position myself in front of you. I reach down grabbing both of your hands pulling them to my bare hips. Gliding your big strong hands up and down my hips; wrapping them around to lock your fingers on my ass. Swaying back and forth between your legs moving my knees up and down your inner thighs. I start to hear small quiet moans coming from your open mouth. I think I can almost see you drooling. I know that your hard cock is pulsating against your tight jeans. Wanting to come out and play.

I move a few inches from your inner thighs and turn to rest my ass on your lap. I can feel you quiver in that chair and you start to beg. Begging me to release you from your pants so that you can stroke for me. NO! Not yet Im still enjoying the teasing. Teasing your cock is my favorite pass time, keeping you on the edge is always the name of my game.
I can’t wait till you call and we can continue this teasing game. You won’t want a quickie as long as you follow my teasing plan.

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Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Heather

Guided MasturbationHmmmm my little wanker boys, did you come ready to stroke those cocks for me? Good, I hope you brought a LOT of lube today and cleared your schedule, because today is going to be quite a workout for that cock!

Get it good and lubed up, and then start stroking it in my favorite rhythm… as you stroke it up, twist your hand to the left, and then as you stroke it down, twist it to the right.  Very good… now, I want you to stroke it at a steady pace for me for 3 minutes. No cheating! If you get close, slow down but don’t stop, and DON’T cum!

Did you make it through that? Good, now I want you to do a full minute of power stroking… pump that hand up and down your shaft at full speed for a full minute, but don’t you dare cum! I want to see precum gushing out of the top of that cock when you are done!

Very good, stroker boy! Now it’s going to get a little tougher.  This time, stroke it in my favorite rhythm, but now you are going to stroke for a full TEN minutes. That’s right, TEN! Don’t you dare cum! You can slow down if you get close but do not stop… I want you riding that edge. Don’t sit there, do it boy!

So you made it through that? Excellent… I wasn’t sure you had it in you! ::giggle::  Now I want a full 2 minutes of power stroking. Don’t groan, just stroke!

Mmmmm no, you’re not done yet my chronic cock stroker!  You are to repeat the ten minute rhythm stroking AND the two minute power stroking sets 4 more times. YES! Do it… and when you are just about done on your fourth power stroke set….

Guided Masturbation

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Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Claire

Guided MasturbationFirst of all my little stroker slave, get onto your knees. Doesn’t this position seem appropriate in my presence? Yes, I thought so. Now, after lubing up both of your hands sufficiently I want you to wrap them both firmly around the shaft of your cock. You have just created a tight, warm little hand pussy for that insatiable cock that now belongs to me. Now, begin to slowly rock your hips back and forth just as you do when you’ve got a sweet little piece of ass bent over in front of you. Very nice. Now, progressively fuck faster and faster until you have brought yourself to the first edge. Take that hand away! I have not given you permission to cum yet. Once the throbbing has subsided
I want you to resume the motion, being very careful to heighten the speed and race toward your goal of edging with a fury. Edge yourself once again. Now pull your hand away and marvel at how very tight those achy balls are becoming. Poor you…filled with anticipation and frustration. Once again, fuck that little hand pussy of yours and bring yourself to yet another edge. Aaaawe, to be quite honest with you it almost brings about a sense of pity in me to see you down there on your knees, jerking away with no knowlege of a definite outcome. Hhhhhhmmmm. What shall I do with you?

Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Sarah

What is going through your mind today?  Yes, it is your Mistress Sarah who will be doing your guided masturbation instructions for today.  I know that you stripped down naked for me already awaiting my instructions.  Aren’t you?  Well, if you aren’t naked now then strip.  Get naked now.  That is a good boy.

You will need lubrication for todays instructions.  Lube up your cock.   Do you know how to take a stick in your hand and roll it back and forth to start a fire?  Have you ever seen this done.  Roll your cock back and forth between the palm of both of your hands.  Try to start a fire with that cock of yours.  I want you to roll that cock back and forth for 15 minutes slowly.

Is your cock on fire yet?

Now rub your balls for 10 minutes.  Rub lubrication into those balls and rub.  Good boy.

Put lube on your cock and stroke it up and down slowly for 20 minutes.  Don’t cum unless allowed.

Are you ready to find out your fate?

Guided Masturbation

For guided masturbation sessions with Ms Sarah call 800-356-6169

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Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Heather

Well hello there stroker boys, it’s been a while since I’ve played with your packages, now, hasn’t it? ::giggle::  I’ll bet your just aching for me to get my hands on those cocks… I know you wish I would! I want you to have lots of lube ready for today’s stroke session… you’re going to need it! Good… now, take out that hard cock and slather it with that lube, get it nice and juicy.  Now grasp the shaft in your hand nice and tight, and begin stroking it with a twisting motion, up and down, twisting from right to left.  Very good!  I want you to stroke like this for a full three minutes… no cheating! If you start to get close to cumming, then slow down but don’t you dare stop and don’t you DARE cum!  That’s good…  now, I want you to power stroke that cock for a full minute.  That’s right, a full minute of stroking as fast and as hard as you can. Pump those cocks for your Princess!  Excellent. Now, back to stroking and twisting for another three minutes.  Don’t worry, I know you can do it!  Then, power stroke again for another minute.  I want you to repeat this process FIVE times and then……


For guided masturbation sessions with Ms Heather call 800-356-6169

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