Tickling and Teasing Your Cock

Teasing your cock is fun when you add a little bit of tickling to the game.

Tickling and teasing your cock is so much fun for Ms. Simone!

Tickling and teasing you!

First off, it would not be teasing at all if you could easily escape my grasp. This is why you are going to be handcuffed and teased. I can’t just have you wiggling away whenever you want. What fun would that be for Me? So, I put you in your favorite chair completely naked. I also make sure to tie up your cock and balls nice and tight and include a cock ring so you don’t go losing your erection when the tickling begins.

You look like a New Years holiday package, all tied up and pretty.

I start by putting on some music and stripping for you. I want you to be rock hard for me. Then, I pick out my favorite peacock feather and run it over my own body. You watch it with a bit of fear and anticipation. Then I straddle your thighs, letting my wet pussy rub against them. I take the peacock feather and tickle the back of your knees.

I feel you jump and jerk a bit against me.

I then whisper in your ear, “Does that tickle?” while I tickle you a bit harder.

Before you know it, you are laughing and crying and begging for me to stop. It’s a good thing we figured out what your safe word was before hand. I just hope I can remember it….

I’m having so much fun tickling you that I rub myself against your thigh until I am able to cum from your teasing tickling torture. I guess, since I already came, this story will be one of tease and denial. I whisper this in your ear as I get up from your lap and put away my feather.

You watch me as I get dressed, but before I leave, I remove the handcuffs and pour cold water over your cock.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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Guided Masturbation with Empress Holly

Tickle, tickle…

That’s right my puppet. I want you to drop those drawers and completely strip for me. I’m going to lay you across my dining room table and affix thick duck tape across your ankles and arms. Then I’m going to strap your waist… you are about to squirm!

Your sweet body laid out for me to devour. Completely bare before me… I am going to start with wrists. Lightly dragging my nails down the inside of
your arm, across chest and down your stomach…Eek.. is that a twitch in your cock? Good.

Imagine me leaning in between your legs and bringing my luscious lips just above your cock as I blow hot breath on it. I like that twitching…

I’m going to start playing with your balls now, touching, squeezing. Hmm, maybe some lube for that cock. Drip, drip, drip.

I’m wearing a skimpy black babydoll and thong. Straddling you know I hover my sweet, thong covered pussy just over your buldging cock. Now you are starting to writhe in ecstasy. Exactly where I want you…

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