tease and delay

Tease and Delay the “Old School” Way

Tease and delay the "old school" way.

Mature Miss Vivian’s Blast From the Past

Greetings gents, this is Mistress Vivian from Fem Domain, and I learned the art of tease and delay when I came of age in 1974. I wonder how many of you were even alive when I learned the sexy art of the tease and delay.

If your tastes run more towards sexy young ladies with bright soprano voices, today just might be the day for you to sample the delights of a well-aged and experienced gal.

Way Back in Time

Modern young have grown up without the cultural rules of my era. Now the good night kiss isn’t on the lips. My generation was watched over and ruled by their mothers. We also had a healthy fear of disappointing our fathers. Still, those hormones coursing through our bodies had to go somewhere.

We used our womanly wiles; teasing with promises, flirting to distract the amorous, petting for hours until our lips were raw. And always, the guys begging for more and using the old trick of moaning about blue balls. I’d bet good money that you who are reading this used it, too.

Sitting on a Gold Mine

The day my Daddy told me that I was sitting on a gold mine, and not to sell it cheap, the tease in me awoke. Oh, the fun times I had in the back seats of muscle car, steaming up the windows and grinding on each other, fully clothed.
Naturally, there was a group of tramps, spreading it for a bag of White Castle belly bombers and a six-pack of wine coolers. Not this well-raised young lady with a midnight curfew.

The Art of Tease and Delay

Everyone went out on Friday nights, first descending on our favorite diners before hitting the bars, or catching the new mega hit, Godfather 3. A movie date meant two hours of clutching hands and sloppy kissing in the balcony of a cool and pitch black theater. Forty plus years later, this old gal can still remember the chills running up my spine when my hand “accidentally” slipped off his thigh and grazed across his bulging basket. That, my friends, is Tease and Delay 101.

Remember being told “Good things come to those who wait?” Then you will want to get out your lube and listen to my new audio:
“The 3rd Date”


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Cock Teasing Game by Princess Andi

Hi, to all of you hand humpers. Today, I am going to play a naughty little cock stroking game with you. The first thing you will do for me is strip down to your birthday suit. That’s right, take off all your clothes. You know how much I love it when you get naked for me. Oh, look at you blush.

All eyes on me, stroker boy.Get naked for Princess Andi and play this jerk off game.

I am sitting on the bed in my red stilettos and dressed to the nines. I see how you look at me. I look so sexy! I part my legs and pat right between my thighs, come here, sit right here between my legs. You are to lean back and rest your back against me. I cradle you and place my hand over your mouth. We are going to play a little game. Mums the word. You cannot make any noise as I tease your cock with my hands. If you speak one word, I will stop touching you and make you put a chastity device on with no cumming for a very long time.

Let the jerk off game begin.

I will start out with my hand loosely around your hard cock and begin to slowly stroke you up and down. I see you biting your lip. I bet you want to moan don’t you, stroker boy? Oh, but if you do, lock up for you! *giggles* I tighten my grip, squeeze that throbbing cock and stare into your eyes, as I thrust my hand up and down. You want to moan don’t you? You want to yell out, but you know if you do, I will lock that cock in chastity, so quiet, horny boy! I am going to do this for the next hour, and you are going to keep quiet. I just love how your facial expressions tell me everything I need to know.

Can you handle the game?

How do you like my game? What kind of noise do you think you will make as I slowly tease your hard cock? Is it going to be a gasp, a moan, a whimper or a sigh that gets you locked up in chastity? Hee-hee, I am not sure what kind of noise it is that you will make, but I am sure it won’t take much of my masturbating your cock for you to end the game. *evil grin*

I am so looking forward to locking your horny cock up because we both know you wont be able to be quiet.

Princess Andi


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Tease and Delay Slut

I love it when you turn into my own personal little tease and delay slut.

It’s easy, isn’t it? To just let go and let me take over, drive you to the edge and make you into my sweet, horny bitch. It’s easy for me, too. I can see it in you, the burning need to be taken apart and then put back together again in a new shape. The edges are sharp, but they only cut you, don’t they? That itch in your skin to submit, to let it all go, to just be a slut for the pleasure and ecstasy.

Tease Slut 800 601 7259You’re already halfway to being a tease slut right now.

All you need is to let that final bit of resistance crumble and give in to the urge. You know how good it feels when you can kneel and simply obey. That joy of freedom is addictive, isn’t it? It’s alright, I know how good it can be for you. I know you dream of it at night, shivering in your bed and wishing, wishing, wishing for my hand on you, urging you up to that edge again and again.

Tease and delay can turn the strongest of men into a mewling bitch, but you…

You never were the strongest of men to begin with. You, with just a little teasing, just telling you to hold on a little longer, and you’re putty. You melt in my hands, giving up total control over your cock to me, and letting me do literally anything I want with you! Such a sweet tease and delay slut you turned out to be. How could I ever let you go after this?

If I had my way I’d keep you like this forever.

You’d be horny and desperate, aching for my touch and my voice whispering in your ear. You’d beg for permission to finally cum, and I’d simply tell you “no, not yet, you can hold on a little longer for more.” Because you can hold on, can’t you? That’s the delay part of this. The slut part? The slut part is when you do get to cum for me, and then realize that you’re going to come back again and again, begging for more, begging to do that again.



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Experience Playful Tease Mistress Harper

Sometimes I’m in the mood to be a playful tease Mistress.

I’m sure you know that I am a very sensual Mistress, and that sometimes I can be terrible and cruel, too. Bet you weren’t aware that there’s a playful tease side to me as well! There is, and sometimes I let myself cut loose and just have some fun. I love to tease and delay your orgasm, and being able to be silly and laugh while you’re begging and pleading to cum for me is just the icing on the cake!

playful tease and delay with Harper! 800 356 6169If you’ve never had a playful tease and delay session, you should give it a whirl!

I really enjoy getting to make you into my own personal tease slut. So when you let me just go nuts and play with you? Perfection! In a playful tease game there will be laughter, and you will wind up with aching ribs and a happy smile on your face. Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll wind up with cum all over yourself because there’s nothing about a playful tease session that guarantees an orgasm. I suppose it all depends on how well you amuse me…

Playful tease can involve some mild humiliation play.

I’ll be honest here, yes, playful tease can be a little humiliating for you. After all, begging and whimpering can be terribly embarrassing for you! I love to hear it, and it always gives me a giggle, so thinking up ways to maximize the time you’re going to spend whimpering and begging is just a perfect way to spend a day for me. Your humiliation is my amusement, and I fully intend to have a lot of fun teasing and delaying that orgasm for you.

If you’re interested in experiencing playful tease and delay, you should hit me up!

I’m always happy to explore all the different varieties of tease and delay, and having you at my mercy is certain to be a lot of fun, for me anyway!


Ms. Harper is a playful tease.

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