Extreme Edging Marathon

“I’m into extreme edging, Mistress!” Oh how those words explode in my ear like tiny eargasms.  Tickles my mind and start my head spinning. Sitting on the edge of my seat, chin in hand, I purrr “oh, do tell!” My ears perk up and my heart starts pumping thinking of the fun ways to control a new cock!

Extreme Edging Marathon

extreme edging


I wrote a blog about a Marathon submissive training weekend. Throughout the night he was visited by one sexy Mistress about every hour. Not long sessions, short and sweet. Another hour or so and another temptress would ring him for discipline. On and on through the night. Needless to say he was in submissive heaven by daybreak.

Well, extreme edging pet what about you? Are you man enough, trained enough to endure a day or night of tease and torment? How much can you handle? Two, three, four or even five shorter calls spaced out through out  the day, or hell even the week! Giving out assignments for the day during a nice stroking session! No orgasms! Either way you play, on the last call you’ll find out if you’ve earned that orgasm.

Extreme Edging Training

If you are not quite up for a marathon day or week then training is something you should consider. Training consists of regular sessions (time table up to you) with homework, combined with lessons on how to focus on your arousal, regulating and controlling it will have you mastering the skill in no time.  I’ve had great results in just a few sessions, well, when the student took his lessons seriously, that is.

Make those self love sessions count. Learn how to edge for a better sex life.   Before you know it, you’ll be up for a marathon of your very own.

Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Hey, don’t rush off so fast! Listen to the audio for a very special treat at the very very end! XOXO

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Mistress Harper Loves a Tease Slut

I love to tease the hell out of stroker sluts like you.  More women should learn to tease men just like you, too. 

There’s something so lovely about having a man, a tease slut, at my utter mercy. So often in this world, males wind up thinking that they’re in charge of everything around them, up to and including the women around them. How many times have we all seen the CEO demand of his secretary that she humble herself and perform demeaning, Corporate tease slut will get on his knees for Mistress Harper.menial tasks on a daily basis? Every day, all around our nation, some puffed up wanna-be alpha male tries to inflate his own ego at the cost of the women around him.

It’s all a facade, a flimsy front in an attempt to hide the tease slut within.

The truth of the situation is that the so-called Alpha male in his fancy office, strutting around and ordering his secretary to make him a cup of coffee (non-dairy creamer, Sweet-N-Low; he’s got a bad heart and needs to watch his intake), secretly yearns to be kneeling in front of his lovely secretary accepting her commands and tease instructions. That poor CEO, middle manager, business man in a shitty suit, all he wants is to kneel and be told to tease his cock for her. If only she knew it, too.

Tease slut corporate whores like you need to be directed and controlled.

I’d love to take a hidden tease slut like you and put you to work at the feet of your own secretary. Her impeccable shoes, thigh highs, that lovely business suit, her manicured nails, and above all else, the satisfied smile when you pant and moan for her, right on cue.

Tease slut stroker whores like you should probably follow my blog and Tumblr.

xoxo, Harper





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Ms Cindy will Decide When You Get to Cum

Look at what your cock makes you do

The male species requires the female in learning how to successfully adapt to the reality that woman is superior and dominant over man. As a Mistress, I find my work to be quite exhilarating. Pussy power and cock control are in fact two sides of the same coin. I enjoy practicing male orgasm denial by training you to appropriately respond to my directions and suggestions and training your thoughts to be centered on the myriad of ways you can provide me with pleasure.

When a male is denied his orgasm and kept in a heightened state of arousal for an extended length of time his ability to resist the female will is severely weakened and his wishes easily disregarded. In other words, In the end, I will decided when you get to cum.

You are a valuable and worthwhile person in your servitude to your Mistress. I want you to always remember that. By keeping you desperate for an explosive orgasm you can be easily molded and motivated. Just close your eyes and picture my body in your mind’s eye…imagine worshipping my pussy, my breasts, my ass, or my feet.  After a short while you will feel the need to stroke yourself and get off…Look at what your cock makes you do. Let’s see how much teasing and denial you can handle. I know this is the hardest part for you. I want to force you to your boiling point.

Feeling severe “blue balls” lately?

This is where control over you will allow you to have a better experience than you would on your own. So prove to me how much control I have over you.  I understand that is how you are currently programed. Now imagine if you weren’t permitted to cum. Could you tolerate the pain you would carry in your balls? Could you tolerate that pain growing more severe as a state of “blue balls” settled in?

You’d like it if at this time I squeezed your balls and stroked your swollen cock with my soft but firm grip…up and down, up and down, up and down. I will tease you, torment you, and make you beg and whimper in bittersweet pain. It really just comes down to keeping you erect and aroused without allowing you to cum. This will become a very establish routine for you while in my presence. It will ultimately reprogram you.

Occasionally I will share with you explicit details of my dates and bring you to the edge of orgasm that way. What a challenge it would be to tolerate having a stiff cock and no way to relieve yourself. I want you to be devoted, submissive, and obedient to me. There’s something very dominant about making my sub stroke himself for me. Over time, and through repetition, you will enjoy teasing, like a real man. Also, you require strict boundaries so understand you will have no rights when it comes to your cock. Ultimately I will posses the power to allow you enjoyment with your penis or to deny you all sexual pleasure entirely.
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Ms Meredith Locks Up Your Cock

Hello my pets. Your Mistress Meredith wants to talk about a fetish that is near and dear to my heart. One that makes me totally in charge, just as I should be, right my pets? This particular fetish truly embraces the female dominance over a male’s preoccupation with himself and redirects his energies to focus on something other than himself. Imagine that! What fetish am I referring to? Locking up your cock, of course!

Male Chastity

Is the ultimate tease and denial practice that spans both the vanilla and fetish worlds alike. It can be a form of simple cock control or ongoing training for a complete submissive slut. Make that reformed slut; because once I lock you up, you no longer have access to your cock and your naughty ways! What a perfect device for chronic masturbators! Now your focus will be on much productive things. Like pleasing me.

Pleasing me?

This does please me very much. The idea of submission, denying yourself the pleasures of the flesh and to be cut off totally from your naughty constant jerk off habits … well, that is the ultimate for a Mistress, such as myself. The idea that the item you can easily become so obsessed with has been replaced with designated denial is simply amazing! It is the perfect tool for orgasm control!

Not Just a Sexual Game                        

No, my pets, this is not to be taken lightly or for the weak minded ones. Male chastity can be an all encompassing component of a lifestyle and not just a sexual game. This fetish taps into the mind, body and emotions, not to mention the intellect. This kind of self-control can reach the inner core and desire of a sub’s innermost fantasy to be truly coached and directed as far as any orgasmic pleasure.

Out of Your Hands

The decision is mine, you have no choice but to comply and submit to a designated program of stroking, or not. Typically you will be kept locked in a chastity device until orgasm is permitted by the dominant partner. This could be your wife, girlfriend or Mistress. Because after all, we are the superior people in your life and know what to do with that organ between your legs. The release date, continuous tease and denial and control of the male orgasm are what make chastity work.


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