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Airline Cock Tease with Mistress Piper

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Let ME take control!

Do you hate traveling by air? Being squeezed in so tightly, pressed up against strangers? I must be in the minority, because I LOVE sitting so close to you for hours on end.

I always like the middle seat, and I always wear my short skirt–you know, the one that earns me disapproving looks from the ladies on the plane. My skirt is so short that my bare bottom is in contact with the seat, because oh yeah, I don’t wear panties! Panties just get in the way while I’m teasing on a jet plane!

It feels so good to have my ass and pussy exposed, even if nobody can see it. I know I’m half naked, and it makes me cream the cushion the entire plane ride!

You and your colleague were planning on asking me to switch seats with one of you, so you could discuss business on the plane, but when you see me sitting there with my skirt pulled up high on my thighs, you both scrap those plans. I smile broadly at both of you, and shift so my knees open a little, as a natural cock tease such as myself would.

Both of you swear you can see some of my pussy exposed, but I pull the tray table down before you get a good look.

I wish I could say you and your friend could hide your boners under your tray tables, but I made sure I jammed them to keep them in the upright and locked position. I see them, and so does everyone else!

I keep my hands under my tray, and from the way I’m wiggling you can tell I’m having a little fun. The stewardess stops by to bring us our drinks, and I pull my hands up from my lap. I stir my drink with one finger, and lick it. Winking at you, I give your crotch a little pat and finish my juice.

You get up and run to the bathroom. I laugh to myself, knowing what you’ll be doing in there! I love being a cock tease!


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Long Polished Fingernails Make Great Cock Tease Tools

cockteasing fun with Ms. Rachel - call me 800-601-6975 You know, I often wonder about both the historical and the evolutionary origins of style. Some are easily enough sussed out. For example, women stopped wearing corsets widely in the early part of the 20th century because they were seeking more freedom in lots of ways, and though I Myself love a beautiful corset, I can understand that women defying convention and seeking more freedom, both physically and socially, would feel tremendously free in discarding their confines as every day wear.

But other conventions in fashion are a bit less straight forward. For example, when did women start painting their toenails . . . and their fingernails? When and why did long, painted nails come into fashion? And why are so many men as attracted seeing that buffed and polished color on the tips of Our fingers as We are?

Notice I didn’t say like We are. I think We women simply find it pretty, and yes, sexy. But the men who are drawn to long, lacquered nails seem to be affected much more erotically.

I was just looking at My freshly manicured nails today, admiring them, and longing to use them for some cock teasing fun. It’s a good thing I have you, isn’t it, tease toys?

Oh, I know I’m not right there with you, but I’m sure that with O/ur imaginations, and the help of My beguiling voice in your ear, it may seem just as if I am.

You see, I want you to stroke for Me, but . . . I’m going to help . . . with the aid of My long, pretty, painted fingernails.

You stroke a little . . . then I’ll tease a little . . . then you get to stroke some more . . .

And back and forth like that until you’re begging to be allowed to grab a hold of that throbbing, teased member and beat it hard for Me until you explode!

If you’re a good boy, and you’re patient, and you hold off for as long as you can, I might just wrap My pretty little hand with its bright red tipped fingers around that straining cock, and let you see your cream contrast ever so nicely with My chosen color.

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Teased and Tempted

I love to get you all hot and bothered, teased and tempted into indiscretion.

I know all your buttons, all the little things that get you turned on. And I can hint and imply with just a look, a sly glance, or a simple word whispered in your ear. It’s such a thrill to me, to take you out in public and then tease and tempt you into something naughty. You get this look on your face when you’re so turned on that you can’t think… all you can do is obey, listen to my words, and just give in. It’s so easy to lead you along the path to your own utter ruin.

teased and tempted 800 356 6169When I’ve got you teased and tempted to do naughty things, I like to push the envelope a little.

There are a few lines you haven’t been willing to cross yet. But I bet I could get you teased and tempted into crossing. I just love to watch you try to cum silently, without drawing attention to yourself. So that little restaurant, with the booths. We could get a table in the back, and I can slide my foot along the inside of your thigh, nestle my toes right up under your balls. I bet I can get you hot enough to cum in your pants in public for me.

Wouldn’t you like to be just a little bit tempted?

Just think of all those things you’d like to do, but don’t feel like you can do, for one reason or another. Public humiliation games, sissy maid games, even some fun with chastity. You’ve thought about them, but you just haven’t taken the plunge. Let me tell you, I am the worst/best enabler on the planet. Combine my ‘no shame’ philosophy with my ‘why not’ attitude, and you’ll find yourself teased and tempted into the most amazing situations. How did you wind up here? Easy: you let me tempt you into it.



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What it Takes to be a Superior Cock Tease

Ms. Alexis is a superior cock tease. Call her and find out just how superior!You have stumbled upon the ultimate seductress. I reign supreme when it comes to teasing men (and on occasion women) and using them to get exactly what I want. A lot of women claim to be a superior cock tease, but they really have no idea what it takes. What DOES it take, you ask? It takes intelligence, beauty, determination and a really deviant mind.

What does it take to be a cock tease?

Trust me, I love using my gorgeous body to tease your cock and convince you to do exactly what I want you to do. It’s never that hard. Some men try to put up a fight, but in reality, they know their resistance is futile. You can only resist a woman like me for so long before you come to the realization that you are no match for me.

A lot of women tease men and get what they want by touching them, sitting on a lap here and there or promising them something a little naughtier. That’s not my style. I know that I said I use my body, but not in the way that you think. A good cock tease doesn’t need to do that. That’s only a small piece of the puzzle. I can tease you with my mind. I know how to get into your head so far that you’ll be nothing but putty in my hands.

Teasing cock is what I do BEST.

And just so you know, I love a challenge. I know there are many men who claim that they are strong and cannot be teased into submission. To that, I say call me. Talk to me. If you think you’re so strong that I can’t get to you, then you have nothing to lose, right? I adore a battle of wills, but you should know that I never lose and it’s not going to happen with you, either. You’ve never experienced a cock tease like me. Grab your phone and let’s do this.


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Experience Playful Tease Mistress Harper

Sometimes I’m in the mood to be a playful tease Mistress.

I’m sure you know that I am a very sensual Mistress, and that sometimes I can be terrible and cruel, too. Bet you weren’t aware that there’s a playful tease side to me as well! There is, and sometimes I let myself cut loose and just have some fun. I love to tease and delay your orgasm, and being able to be silly and laugh while you’re begging and pleading to cum for me is just the icing on the cake!

playful tease and delay with Harper! 800 356 6169If you’ve never had a playful tease and delay session, you should give it a whirl!

I really enjoy getting to make you into my own personal tease slut. So when you let me just go nuts and play with you? Perfection! In a playful tease game there will be laughter, and you will wind up with aching ribs and a happy smile on your face. Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll wind up with cum all over yourself because there’s nothing about a playful tease session that guarantees an orgasm. I suppose it all depends on how well you amuse me…

Playful tease can involve some mild humiliation play.

I’ll be honest here, yes, playful tease can be a little humiliating for you. After all, begging and whimpering can be terribly embarrassing for you! I love to hear it, and it always gives me a giggle, so thinking up ways to maximize the time you’re going to spend whimpering and begging is just a perfect way to spend a day for me. Your humiliation is my amusement, and I fully intend to have a lot of fun teasing and delaying that orgasm for you.

If you’re interested in experiencing playful tease and delay, you should hit me up!

I’m always happy to explore all the different varieties of tease and delay, and having you at my mercy is certain to be a lot of fun, for me anyway!


Ms. Harper is a playful tease.

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