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Ms. Piper has Good News and Bad News for Your Cock

Good News and Bad News for Your Cock from Ms. Piper

Can You Handle The Heat?

I’m sorry, boys. It’s not all good news when you stroke your cock for Mistress. You should know by now that I make it hard in so many different ways.

The good news: you may stroke for me! Yay! Touching your cock isn’t always allowed, but for this exercise, grab that nubbin and get to tuggin’! The bad news? Cumming isn’t a given, not this time.

The good news? I could possibly be persuaded to allow you to cum. The bad news? You’ll have to do exactly as I say–and get ready to beg!

Of course, you like doing exactly as you’re told, don’t you? It’s a privilege to serve a demanding Mistress who knows what she wants!

Right now, I want edging, and lots of it. Edging makes your orgasm more intense–that is, if I allow you to have one. So why don’t you start pulling that putz for me. When you get to an edge, just back off enough to keep from flying over the edge. When the urgent need to cum passes, then go right back for it.

Edging for an hour, over and over again, is a good start. That’s not too difficult, now is it? We’re only getting started!

Now you can begin making your case for why I should allow you to cum. Make it good, and don’t waste my time trying to convince me you want to “cum for me.” Cumming isn’t for me, bitch. Orgasm denial is for Mistress!

What will you trade for your orgasm? The good news? I’m willing to bargain. The bad news? It’s going to cost you some dignity to cum. How much will you humiliate yourself to earn your release?


Listen to Ms. Piper

Listen to Ms. Piper

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It’s all About the Tease for Ms Lilly

Listen to Ms LillyI Love Making you Ache.

I am just really in a cockteasing mood lately. It’s the teasing and the desperation that get me. I especially enjoy having a submissive who is there for a first time guided masturbation session. They really have no idea what to expect. A lot of them come to me thinking it’s going to be a quick wanking session. They think a guided masturbation call means I say “Stoke” and they’ll jerk off until they cum. Oh, how wrong they are!

What To Expect When I Guide Your Masturbation

When I get a whisper from one of our lovely dispatchers and they tell me “He wants a guided masturbation session”, the wheels in my pretty head start turning. After we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I may ask you if you expect to cum at the end of the call, want to be denied, or are going to leave it up to me (here’s a hint, sluts, I LOVE it when you leave it up to me!). Then I’ll tell you to get naked, and more often than not, have you kneel. I want you to imagine we’re in my playroom, and you are naked and kneeling on the floor before me as I sit on my throne, your hard cock already throbbing. Maybe some pre-cum is already collecting at the tip, in anticipation.

Expect Lots Of Teasing

What kind of cocktease would I be if I didn’t tease your cock? I’ll have you start stroking, and I’ll tell you how fast. I usually start slow, so I can build you up, and get those balls churning, producing all that wonderful cream. I’ll tell you when you can speed up – it might not be until you hit that first edge. You do know what an edge is, don’t you? It’s the wonderful feeling you get when you’re just one or two strokes away from shooting your wad. I wonder, will it still be wonderful when I tell you to stop? It might be the first couple of times, but by the fourth or fifth edge? You’re all desperate to cum by then! Begging, pleading, whining. Oh, I do hope you left your orgasm up to my whim. Only when you’ve begged enough, only when you’ve satisfied me, will I possibly say the word you’ve been longing to hear. “CUM!”

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Pass the Penis And Share The Fun


We do like to share our cocks and we want to play with yours! Can you handle being teased by multiple Mistresses; ten minutes at a time?

For the month of August, we will be offering Special Discounted Packages on the Pass the Penis experience:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

Here’s how it works: You call in to 800-356-6169, and either tell the dispatcher which Mistresses you want to talk with, or you can ask her to choose 3, 4 or 5 sexy ladies for you. You’ll speak with each Mistress you’ve selected one at a time; each conversation will be 10 minutes long.

You’ll be connected with your first Pass the Penis Mistress; who will tease and play with you for ten minutes. Then, you’ll be sent back automatically to the dispatcher who will send you on to a completely new Mistress who will continue the teasing for 10 more minutes! We will repeat this masturbation routine for as many ‘rounds’ as you’ve selected. You’ll be our playtoy; passed from one Mistress to the next for as long as you can last! (Note: If you reach the end of your package and you still need more, don’t worry – just ask the dispatcher and she’ll arrange that for you!)

(Your specially priced Pass the Penis package must be used during one session and can’t be saved for later.)

Masturbating with Ms. Cindy is so seductive

Being in a specific masturbating position will get you sexually stimulated

Frustrated? Can’t seem to get any and when you finally do it’s not enough? Have you been recently cock blocked? Have you been recently cock mocked? Have you recently woken up with ‘morning wood’ but had to drop your cock and put on your socks or be late for work?

If you answered in the affirmative to any of the above questions your health could be at serious risk! No, I’m not a lawyer looking to get rich from a class-action law suit, but, nevertheless, I would strongly advise you to read on…

Are you ready to find out how to please your Mistress and in so doing satisfy your urges and give your life greater meaning? I enjoy men who are adventurous and willing to try new things in the bedroom. I’m willing to bet you have an over-inflated libido and I want to maximize your sexual anticipation before you are given permission to enter pussy.

Now remember, I will be the one who gives you permission as to where your cock goes. You’d like that wouldn’t you?  Are you currently one of my blue balls buddies craving a long overdue release? When was the last time you masturbated? How many times have you jacked off in the past 48 hours? Wait…don’t tell me, you’re sprained wrist is a dead give away…

Masturbating is so seductive

I want you to get excited about this specific masturbating position I’m going to teach you. You can perform it standing or kneeling, but this will ultimately depend on me. Either way you will get sexually stimulated and begin stroking your cock…don’t do it yet!

I know nothing will drive you wilder than if I grab you and push you down and have my way with you. Do you find what I want to do with you seductive? Taking charge of you is what I enjoy and it’s so sexually arousing for me. I want you to tell me how much you love having a femdom in control of your cock. I can tell by your body language how much you like going into domination and further developing your sub space.

Now stroke, galley slave. You look so sexy satisfying yourself like that. Are you almost ready to shoot a worship puddle in my general direction? Cumming is good for you, Sweetie. A man’s well-being always improves when he listens to his Mistress!

Listen to Ms Cindy


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Ms. Delia Wonders How Much Teasing Can One Man Take

How Much Teasing Can One Man Take?

Over on my Beg for Mistress Blog, I wrote about one tease stroker pet’s desire to find his limits. He truly had no idea if he had any limits when it came to teasing, edging, and being totally denied. And this exciting session was really hot for me. I absolutely love denying a man’s cock, teasing it more and more until it throbs, edging that cock until it just pulses over and over, and even doing a series of unfulfilling ruined orgasms before leaving the stroker completely and totally denied!

SexyTexting Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

Mistress Delia

How Much Teasing Can YOU Take?

Well, I guess you would not be here at Teasemafia if you just wanted a quick orgasm, now would you? No, you know extreme cock control can enhance your life! So of course, being the cocktease I am, I have come up with a similar teasing test for you. Here is what I expect:

  1. You will need 2 cock rings. One for the base of your shaft, and a second to go just under the sensitive head.
  2. You will stroke your favorite way, just stroking until you edge. You must edge for at least one hour or a minimum of 100 edges, whichever takes a longer time. I want you desperate!
  3. After the edging, you will milk those balls dry with ruined orgasms. The cock rings will help to scrunch and squelch all that cum, keeping it out of or trapped in your shaft. You will also thumb the hole to prevent any cum from escaping. I expect 3-5 ruined orgasms in a row.

You May Tease, Edge and Ruin, but you May NOT Cum!

There is NO orgasm when you play here at Teasemafia! But you already knew that stroker! Enjoy this assignment. Click the link for some audio motiviation for those ruined orgasms, and Visit My Blog for stories of how I LOVE to deny strokers!
Happy Denial!

Listen to Ms Olivia

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Click here to call Mistress Delia or call 800-601-6975
for an erotic phone sex session
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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