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Edging for Explosive Orgasms

You may have stumbled upon it all on your own. Many guys experience it and not even realize they have. After all, the entire courting and dating scene is fraught with it. Unless you meet a lot of girls willing to bed you on the first date! Sure, they are out there, but along with them comes a multitude of concerns, doesn’t it? You could have been introduced to it by a more experienced partner, or perhaps your Mistress. Regardless of your introduction, you are here because you love, or are curious about, Orgasm Edging.

You are addicted. Addicted to having your cock teased and controlled. The rush you get feeling your orgasm build and build, you try to stay right on that edge delay your orgasm again and again. That feeling of imminent orgasm but knowing the exact right time to stop. But now, stroker boy, doing it alone has evolved to something less than erotic and you crave to have a sexy woman guide your masturbation, to take control of your cock and do whatever she wants you to do. Yes, you are firmly entrenched by your addiction. Now, the not knowing when she will allow you to cum is an added excitement. Giving up control adds an erotic element, how you will stroke, when you will stroke andOrgasm edging is a specialty of Mistress Erika's. when that glorious explosive orgasm will be permitted. Yes, give me control and all you have to do is concentrate on my voice. Concentrate on holding that cum and controlling my cock.

Are you curious about all this orgasm edging talk? As I see it there are a few classifications for edging stroker boys. The reason guy, the experimental guy, the guilty guy and of course all of them have an element of submission to them.

The reason guy. He has a reason why he is interested in edging, and a good one too boot! Sexual performance. He has an issue with premature ejaculation, try as he might on his own he is unable to delay his orgasm for more than a few minutes. That type of behavior will find you alone over and over, am I right ladies? If you want a woman to be completely satisfied then learning to delay your orgasm is a must. Orgasm edging makes you a better lover. Period. You want that, and trust me, SHE wants that. Or he, whichever.

Experimental guy is a lot of fun! He devours all kinds of sexy information on various kinks tries them on for size! In his travels, he found edging sex! He loves to share his newfound games and is looking for an experienced professional to teach him orgasm edging tips. Again, giving up control of your cock to me, and having the element of surprise get you where you are going!

Now guilty guy is an interesting guy. His guilt feelings can stem from just having sexual urges, masturbation and feelings he does not deserve to orgasm for one reason or another. He needs help, and guidance to be told what to do, and when to cum to sooth his guilty feelings.

I am sure there are other major themes out there regarding what kind of guy enjoys a long tease and delay but what I know is many, once introduced to edging, become addicted to it. The anticipation, lack of control and the time between orgasms become longer and longer. They crave riding that crest over and over, knowing once allowed to orgasm the intensity is off the charts.

So, what kind of edging guy are you? Interested in mastering the art of self-love? Impressing a lady in your life or just love giving up control to your Mistress? Call and tell me all about it! Mistress Erika 1-800-601-6975. Happy Stroking!


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Tease and Delay Slut

I love it when you turn into my own personal little tease and delay slut.

It’s easy, isn’t it? To just let go and let me take over, drive you to the edge and make you into my sweet, horny bitch. It’s easy for me, too. I can see it in you, the burning need to be taken apart and then put back together again in a new shape. The edges are sharp, but they only cut you, don’t they? That itch in your skin to submit, to let it all go, to just be a slut for the pleasure and ecstasy.

Tease Slut 800 601 7259You’re already halfway to being a tease slut right now.

All you need is to let that final bit of resistance crumble and give in to the urge. You know how good it feels when you can kneel and simply obey. That joy of freedom is addictive, isn’t it? It’s alright, I know how good it can be for you. I know you dream of it at night, shivering in your bed and wishing, wishing, wishing for my hand on you, urging you up to that edge again and again.

Tease and delay can turn the strongest of men into a mewling bitch, but you…

You never were the strongest of men to begin with. You, with just a little teasing, just telling you to hold on a little longer, and you’re putty. You melt in my hands, giving up total control over your cock to me, and letting me do literally anything I want with you! Such a sweet tease and delay slut you turned out to be. How could I ever let you go after this?

If I had my way I’d keep you like this forever.

You’d be horny and desperate, aching for my touch and my voice whispering in your ear. You’d beg for permission to finally cum, and I’d simply tell you “no, not yet, you can hold on a little longer for more.” Because you can hold on, can’t you? That’s the delay part of this. The slut part? The slut part is when you do get to cum for me, and then realize that you’re going to come back again and again, begging for more, begging to do that again.



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The Trouble With Compulsive Masturbation

When jerking off becomes c compulsive masturbation

Jerking Until Your Fist Cramps?


Compulsive Masturbation? Is that your trouble? Cock Strokers, MILF Mistress Vivian is wondering just how many times a day you jerk that cock? Once? For your morning wood? That’s barely a warm up for you. Twice? Shoot – the 2nd one is just to conk you out for the night.

Just How Many Times A Day Do You Pound Your Prick?

Mind you guys, this is only my opinion, but it is based on 8 years of listening and watching y’all jerk it like horny monkeys. When I ask the question – how many times did you cum today, I am no longer surprised to hear double digit numbers.

It must be so humiliating to confess your nasty proclivities– when even a jaded old gal like me – gasps in amazement. Really! How the heck can you get anything done, with one fist hanging onto your dick, cranking out #4?

The Truth About Compulsive Masturbation

I have a theory about compulsive masturbators, and I test all my callers who can’t keep it in their pants. Curious now, aren’t you? The you may click the Listen To Mistress Vivian link, and learn something today.

Even better – call 1-800-356-6169 and ask for Vivian’s special Wank Less & Enjoy It More Training.

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Listen to Ms. Vivian

Stroking Schedules by Ms. Constance

I know many of you enjoy being directed and love to have a woman like me in control of all things that have to do with your orgasms. Although I am not a fan of orgasm or chastity schedules I am a huge fan of stroking and edging schedules.

When can you stroke

Your stroking schedule will be determined by your personal life and what you have going on in your world. I will direct you on how many times a day or week you are to stroke for me and give suggestions on how to stroke for me, I will totally be in full control of your masturbation habits!

Stroking and Cumming

Now just because I said you can stroke does not mean you can cum! I decided when and IF you get to cum. You will follow my stroking schedule and when I feel the time is right or you beg to cum good enough I will grant you permission. But it must be done with me I cannot have you stroking and Cumming unsupervised.

Will it be intense?

It depends on what your typical habits are. I mean if someone stroked 150 times a day now I am not sure there is enough time in the day to add to that but there are ways to make it intense such as stroking assignments with how to stroke, where to stroke or even what to stroke too. For those of you who are light weights in the stroking and edging department well I will be sure to increase your stroking to the point you will be begging to speak to me for a chance at an orgasm!

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Masturbating with Ms. Cindy is so seductive

Being in a specific masturbating position will get you sexually stimulated

Frustrated? Can’t seem to get any and when you finally do it’s not enough? Have you been recently cock blocked? Have you been recently cock mocked? Have you recently woken up with ‘morning wood’ but had to drop your cock and put on your socks or be late for work?

If you answered in the affirmative to any of the above questions your health could be at serious risk! No, I’m not a lawyer looking to get rich from a class-action law suit, but, nevertheless, I would strongly advise you to read on…

Are you ready to find out how to please your Mistress and in so doing satisfy your urges and give your life greater meaning? I enjoy men who are adventurous and willing to try new things in the bedroom. I’m willing to bet you have an over-inflated libido and I want to maximize your sexual anticipation before you are given permission to enter pussy.

Now remember, I will be the one who gives you permission as to where your cock goes. You’d like that wouldn’t you?  Are you currently one of my blue balls buddies craving a long overdue release? When was the last time you masturbated? How many times have you jacked off in the past 48 hours? Wait…don’t tell me, you’re sprained wrist is a dead give away…

Masturbating is so seductive

I want you to get excited about this specific masturbating position I’m going to teach you. You can perform it standing or kneeling, but this will ultimately depend on me. Either way you will get sexually stimulated and begin stroking your cock…don’t do it yet!

I know nothing will drive you wilder than if I grab you and push you down and have my way with you. Do you find what I want to do with you seductive? Taking charge of you is what I enjoy and it’s so sexually arousing for me. I want you to tell me how much you love having a femdom in control of your cock. I can tell by your body language how much you like going into domination and further developing your sub space.

Now stroke, galley slave. You look so sexy satisfying yourself like that. Are you almost ready to shoot a worship puddle in my general direction? Cumming is good for you, Sweetie. A man’s well-being always improves when he listens to his Mistress!

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