Ms. Christine’s Top 3 Cocktease Picks

I love being a Cocktease and I love hearing my pets grunt and groan in need for me – what MILF Cocktease doesn’t?  So, here are my top three ways to cocktease you.

Masturbation As A Cocktease Tool

Cocktease play with Ms Christine

How will I decide to tease you and your cock…

Not you, gooner!  I mean me playing with my love button and my perfect pink pussy while you listen!  This is one of the times I like to flip around the whole CFNM thing.  I leave you clothed, and even have you tie yourself up so you can’t do anything to yourself. And then I strip down.  I might even add to the fun and give you a hot striptease and even a lap dance! Trust me, I can make it quite real in that mind of yours. Then I’ll  start touching myself, using my fingers to excite myself.  It’s so hot to hear me moan and to hear my breath quicken as I get wetter. If I move the phone down, you might even hear the squishy noises my wetness makes. I bet that makes you want to stroke, huh? Too bad you’re all tied up!

Face Sitting

I love making you my throne.  I’ll straddle your face and slowly lower myself down.  Give you one lick, then pop back up…two licks and back up again, teasing you with my pussy until I settle in for the ride!  Yet again, the orgasms are all mine as I sit on your face and you lick me to climax after climax. 

Cocktease While Your Worship My Breasts

Well, really not worship.  You see, I’m going to tie you to a chair, sit on your lap and bring your face into my beautiful, sexy cleavage.  But you can’t kiss, and you can’t lick.  Just sit there, smelling my perfume, feeling that soft skin, while I grind away.  I better not feel your lips or tongue.  I don’t want to have to give you a punishment spanking!

Oh, and pets, feel free to share these ideas with the Cocktease in your life!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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Stroking Schedules by Ms. Constance

I know many of you enjoy being directed and love to have a woman like me in control of all things that have to do with your orgasms. Although I am not a fan of orgasm or chastity schedules I am a huge fan of stroking and edging schedules.

When can you stroke

Your stroking schedule will be determined by your personal life and what you have going on in your world. I will direct you on how many times a day or week you are to stroke for me and give suggestions on how to stroke for me, I will totally be in full control of your masturbation habits!

Stroking and Cumming

Now just because I said you can stroke does not mean you can cum! I decided when and IF you get to cum. You will follow my stroking schedule and when I feel the time is right or you beg to cum good enough I will grant you permission. But it must be done with me I cannot have you stroking and Cumming unsupervised.

Will it be intense?

It depends on what your typical habits are. I mean if someone stroked 150 times a day now I am not sure there is enough time in the day to add to that but there are ways to make it intense such as stroking assignments with how to stroke, where to stroke or even what to stroke too. For those of you who are light weights in the stroking and edging department well I will be sure to increase your stroking to the point you will be begging to speak to me for a chance at an orgasm!

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It’s all About the Tease for Ms Lilly

Listen to Ms LillyI Love Making you Ache.

I am just really in a cockteasing mood lately. It’s the teasing and the desperation that get me. I especially enjoy having a submissive who is there for a first time guided masturbation session. They really have no idea what to expect. A lot of them come to me thinking it’s going to be a quick wanking session. They think a guided masturbation call means I say “Stoke” and they’ll jerk off until they cum. Oh, how wrong they are!

What To Expect When I Guide Your Masturbation

When I get a whisper from one of our lovely dispatchers and they tell me “He wants a guided masturbation session”, the wheels in my pretty head start turning. After we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I may ask you if you expect to cum at the end of the call, want to be denied, or are going to leave it up to me (here’s a hint, sluts, I LOVE it when you leave it up to me!). Then I’ll tell you to get naked, and more often than not, have you kneel. I want you to imagine we’re in my playroom, and you are naked and kneeling on the floor before me as I sit on my throne, your hard cock already throbbing. Maybe some pre-cum is already collecting at the tip, in anticipation.

Expect Lots Of Teasing

What kind of cocktease would I be if I didn’t tease your cock? I’ll have you start stroking, and I’ll tell you how fast. I usually start slow, so I can build you up, and get those balls churning, producing all that wonderful cream. I’ll tell you when you can speed up – it might not be until you hit that first edge. You do know what an edge is, don’t you? It’s the wonderful feeling you get when you’re just one or two strokes away from shooting your wad. I wonder, will it still be wonderful when I tell you to stop? It might be the first couple of times, but by the fourth or fifth edge? You’re all desperate to cum by then! Begging, pleading, whining. Oh, I do hope you left your orgasm up to my whim. Only when you’ve begged enough, only when you’ve satisfied me, will I possibly say the word you’ve been longing to hear. “CUM!”

Listen to Ms Lilly

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Pass the Penis And Share The Fun


We do like to share our cocks and we want to play with yours! Can you handle being teased by multiple Mistresses; ten minutes at a time?

For the month of August, we will be offering Special Discounted Packages on the Pass the Penis experience:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

Here’s how it works: You call in to 800-356-6169, and either tell the dispatcher which Mistresses you want to talk with, or you can ask her to choose 3, 4 or 5 sexy ladies for you. You’ll speak with each Mistress you’ve selected one at a time; each conversation will be 10 minutes long.

You’ll be connected with your first Pass the Penis Mistress; who will tease and play with you for ten minutes. Then, you’ll be sent back automatically to the dispatcher who will send you on to a completely new Mistress who will continue the teasing for 10 more minutes! We will repeat this masturbation routine for as many ‘rounds’ as you’ve selected. You’ll be our playtoy; passed from one Mistress to the next for as long as you can last! (Note: If you reach the end of your package and you still need more, don’t worry – just ask the dispatcher and she’ll arrange that for you!)

(Your specially priced Pass the Penis package must be used during one session and can’t be saved for later.)

Stroke that Pindick for Mistress Lilly

Can You Tease A Small Cock?

Listen to Ms LillySometimes, I get a call from a guy with a really small penis, and I wonder if I tell them to stroke it, will they even be able to? I’m talking about a real pindick here- something 2 or 3 inches long. Obviously you can wrap your whole hand around it and pound that pud – it’d disappear! What do you do with a small penis when your Mistress tells you to stroke?

Have To Shorten Our Swing

With a nub there between your legs, you just won’t be able to take long, full strokes. They’ll be short, jerky motions – guess that’s why they call it jerking off, huh? Instead of getting a good grip on that hard, throbbing cock, you’ll need to just pinch it in between your thumb and forefinger. Rub up and down that tiny shaft – but do it very slowly. Do you know what I consider very slowly – a 3-second stroke. Your fingers are just going to be crawling along that cock, not much distance to cover!

Choppy Strokes

You can stroke faster and faster for me, until your hand is just a blur. I find with tiny men, it’s very important to make sure not to push them too close to the edge – there’s just so little space between their balls and the head of their cock, that if I don’t stop that edge at just the right time – they’ll go over much easier than a man with a real big cock. Then, I just have to ruin it. You, my pindicked friend have it tough enough in life without having me ruin your orgasm, don’t you?

Listen to Ms Lilly

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