Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel

Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169Sometimes I forget that Our Tease Mafia site is meant to attract fans of guided masturbation. Guided masturbation fans are often looking for a companion on their stroking adventures rather than a ball-breaking Domme.

I understand that, and though My reputation for the more hard-core side of Femdom life is well-established, I want you to know that you and I can still go on a sensual and scintillating journey together.

As long as you continue to know My place, if not your own.

You don’t need to consider yourself submissive to stroke for Me

But you should consider yourself respectful, and ready to be, well, guided. That is an integral part of guided masturbation after all.

Not into calling Me “Mistress”? Rachel is fine.

But don’t call Me “baby”, or anything else that could characterize the type of familiarity you’d show to a woman you’re hitting on at a bar after three or four rounds have gone down. I do want you to picture Me as a friendly guide, but One who directs from a throne, not a bar stool.

Sometimes, I will admit, when I watch a man stroke for Me and W/e have a particularly friendly rapport, W/e might get a little cozier. But when that happens, it’s because I’ve stepped into his psychological bubble, not he into Mine.Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169

You can handle that, can’t you?

Watching a man stroke?

Why, yes. Didn’t you know that was an option?

I love to have a man stroke for Me, touching himself the way I direct, hearing his moans and sighs. But watching him via webcam kicks it up a notch.

Are you an exhibitionist? Particularly proud of your throbbing member? Well then, by all means, show it off! Add Me on Skype at enchantrixrachel, and W/e’ll add a visual wrinkle to O/ur time together!

Aww. Have I scared you? Maybe a little taste via audio will show you that, although I have My etiquette requirements when guiding your stroke session, the goal is still an explosive orgasm for you.


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Cock Tease Slut

I bet you’re a cock tease slut.

See, I often describe myself as both a cock tease and as a slut. A cock tease slut combines the best of both of those things! A cock tease slut is also my favorite play mate; nothing is more fun to me than taking a sweet cock tease slut whore and driving them to utter ruin. I want to hear my cock tease slut loose their mind and just moan and beg for more.

What’s a cock tease?

A cock tease is either a person who loves to tease a cock, or a person who is the victim of the person who likes to tease cocks. Be a cock tease slut for Mistress Harper. I’m a cock tease, because I like to play with your penis! I want to touch, and stroke, and make that cock jump and twitch in lust. Running my fingertips up and down the length of that cock, circling around the head, collecting that one drop of pre-cum from the tip and slowly bringing it up to my lips.

A slut is a person who just lives life to the utmost.

I’m a slut: I go after what I want with no hesitation or shame. No matter what it is that I’m wanting, I have no shame about asking for it, or moving to get it. New art for the walls? Excellent wine to pair with dinner? A new gadget for the bedroom? You, tied to my bed, begging me to let you cum for me?

If you’re a cock tease slut, we’re going to get along together perfectly.

I want you to embrace your slut side, your shameless whore inside! Get in touch with the slutty little cock tease and open yourself up to all the fun and joy of being truly uninhibited and free. Beg for what you want, and let me control and guide your cock and eventual orgasm.



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Ms. Piper Demands Hands Free Masturbation

Guided Masturbation from Mistress Piper

So many places to lick that cum off me!

I’ve decided we‘ll have a little guided masturbation today, with a little twist. You’re not allowed to use your hands!

There are so many ways we can get you off, don’t worry about that. I’m so excited about all of them. I love it when you entertain me! Here, I rolled up a towel for you. Hump that for me while I figure out the next thing I’ll allow you to hump.

It’s not too humiliating to hump a towel, is it? I thought you said you’d do anything to please me!

I love watching your masturbation sessions, your bare rump bouncing up and down. Makes me want to slap it. Yee haw! Ride that towel, dirty boy!

Awwww, is humping a towel embarrassing you? Why don’t we switch to something more sensual? Hump my boots! Get down on your knees, straddle my boot, and rub your cock on it. That’s better! The soft leather feels so much better than that old rough towel.

Lick your precum off my boot! You’re not going to smear that on my favorite boots without cleaning it up!

Good boy! I love it when you’re so obedient. Keep this up, and I’ll slide this boot off and, if you’re really lucky, let you hump my bare foot!

Show me how you’re my good boy, how much you’re happy to be humping whatever I tell you to hump. Beg me to let your cock touch my sexy feet. Beg, boy! Beg!

You’re in luck! I’ve decided to let you cum today! Besides, how else can I make you eat your own cum? Lick cum off my feet!



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Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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The Jack Off Club’s Cherry Popping Event

The Jack Off Club - Meeting All Your Online Masturbation Needs

The Jack Off Club – Meeting All Your Online Masturbation Needs

What is The Jack Off Club?

The Jack Off Club is a fun way to masturbate on line! Adult chat parties hosted by the sexy Mistresses of LDW/Enchantrix Empire. Check it out HERE. This is a paid, explicit chat, which will involve only those who have signed up and paid for it in advance.


Jack Off with Princess Andi and Empress Constance

The Blonde Bombshell Dream Team

What is the event?

Princess Andi and Empress Constance will pop The Jack Off Club’s cherry! They even have gifts for those who attend. Click HERE for more details. Please be sure to pay for your admission (It’s only $10!) before the cut off of 1/18/2015 at 12 pm EST. You will be sent a password before the event to gain entrance to the private chat room. And don’t forget your lube! *wink*


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Call 800-601-6975 for an erotic phone sex session.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.
Discreetly billed to your credit card.
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The Trouble With Compulsive Masturbation

When jerking off becomes c compulsive masturbation

Jerking Until Your Fist Cramps?


Compulsive Masturbation? Is that your trouble? Cock Strokers, MILF Mistress Vivian is wondering just how many times a day you jerk that cock? Once? For your morning wood? That’s barely a warm up for you. Twice? Shoot – the 2nd one is just to conk you out for the night.

Just How Many Times A Day Do You Pound Your Prick?

Mind you guys, this is only my opinion, but it is based on 8 years of listening and watching y’all jerk it like horny monkeys. When I ask the question – how many times did you cum today, I am no longer surprised to hear double digit numbers.

It must be so humiliating to confess your nasty proclivities– when even a jaded old gal like me – gasps in amazement. Really! How the heck can you get anything done, with one fist hanging onto your dick, cranking out #4?

The Truth About Compulsive Masturbation

I have a theory about compulsive masturbators, and I test all my callers who can’t keep it in their pants. Curious now, aren’t you? The you may click the Listen To Mistress Vivian link, and learn something today.

Even better – call 1-800-356-6169 and ask for Vivian’s special Wank Less & Enjoy It More Training.

Listen to Ms. Vivian

Listen to Ms. Vivian

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