Guided Masturbation Instructions

Stroking Instructions: The Art of Masturbation

There’s a special art to masturbation, and sadly, most males just haven’t mastered it. That’s why I’m bringing you a sample of my Stroking Instructions.

The capital letters are warranted, I assure you, as my Stroking Instructions are a cut above and very special. I’ve made a 800 601 7259 Stroking Instructionsstudy of masturbation, cocks, and sexual arousal, and worked all this together into a sort of formula that is guaranteed to bring you amazing results. Remember, as with all highly addictive things, the first sample is free…

I want you to get ready for your Stroking Instructions by stripping down totally nude.

Erotic masturbation should be a full body event! None of this just pulling your dick out and whacking off bullshit, oh no. Take off everything, from socks to shirt, and bare your entire body. Yes, this may mean you’ll have to set up a heater in the winter or a fan in the summer, but this experience is worth the extra effort. Once you’re nude, get comfortable. I want you reclined, but not totally flat, on your back. Your legs should be bent slightly, your head supported by pillows, and you should be able to easily reach that cock without stretching, strain, or noticeable effort.

Now that you’re in position, the Stroking Instructions are as follows:

With a dry palm, rub across the cock, downward towards the toes. Cup your fingers under the entire package, to the balls. Gently roll both cock and balls in the palm and fingers, allowing arousal to build slowly. Roll in a clockwise, and then counter-clockwise direction, reversing direction frequently. Use your fingers and thumb to encourage the cock to harden, tracing the veins and texture with the tips of your fingers. As the cock reaches full hardness, allow the slow realization to build that you desperately need to share this experience. Reach for your phone, and call your Mistress, so that she can continue to give you detailed Cock Stroking Instructions.



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Cock Control Games by Mistress Harper

There are a lot of games for your cock, if you’re inventive enough.

And believe me, I can be quit inventive! I’ve already thought of thousands of games we can play with and for your cock, if you’re brave and/or bored enough, but I decided to share just one of them with you today. I’ve made a study of games and game design, as well as cock control as a particular hobby. Combining game design with cock control just makes sense to me!

cock control games for your cock 800 356 6169Let’s start with a very simple set of  games for your cock.

I call this Probability Games For Your Cock. It’s very easy to play, and can provide hours of fun for, well, me anyway. You’ll need at least one coin, but it’s more fun and lasts longer if you have two or three coins. You’re going to be flipping coins to determine what happens next. Each flip dictates what result you need to have on the next flip, and if you fail to get your winning combination, you don’t get to cum. Start by flipping a coin and seeing if it’s heads or tails. Keep track, and do this three times for three results. You can cum if you get three heads. If you have three tails, you must stop the game and not orgasm at all. One head means one edge, two heads means five edges. Keep going until you hit the jackpot, or fail utterly and have to stop.

If you can email me and tell me the odds of winning the jackpot, I’ll give you ten free minutes of phone sex, on me!

Never fear, I’ll be back with more games for your cock including some dice games, as well as advanced reward/risk games. I know you’ll be on the edge of your seat for those, so in the meanwhile, remember that you can call me and ask to play a cock control game.


Games your cock can play with Mistress Harper.

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Ms. Piper Demands Hands Free Masturbation

Guided Masturbation from Mistress Piper

So many places to lick that cum off me!

I’ve decided we‘ll have a little guided masturbation today, with a little twist. You’re not allowed to use your hands!

There are so many ways we can get you off, don’t worry about that. I’m so excited about all of them. I love it when you entertain me! Here, I rolled up a towel for you. Hump that for me while I figure out the next thing I’ll allow you to hump.

It’s not too humiliating to hump a towel, is it? I thought you said you’d do anything to please me!

I love watching your masturbation sessions, your bare rump bouncing up and down. Makes me want to slap it. Yee haw! Ride that towel, dirty boy!

Awwww, is humping a towel embarrassing you? Why don’t we switch to something more sensual? Hump my boots! Get down on your knees, straddle my boot, and rub your cock on it. That’s better! The soft leather feels so much better than that old rough towel.

Lick your precum off my boot! You’re not going to smear that on my favorite boots without cleaning it up!

Good boy! I love it when you’re so obedient. Keep this up, and I’ll slide this boot off and, if you’re really lucky, let you hump my bare foot!

Show me how you’re my good boy, how much you’re happy to be humping whatever I tell you to hump. Beg me to let your cock touch my sexy feet. Beg, boy! Beg!

You’re in luck! I’ve decided to let you cum today! Besides, how else can I make you eat your own cum? Lick cum off my feet!



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The Jack Off Club’s Cherry Popping Event

The Jack Off Club - Meeting All Your Online Masturbation Needs

The Jack Off Club – Meeting All Your Online Masturbation Needs

What is The Jack Off Club?

The Jack Off Club is a fun way to masturbate on line! Adult chat parties hosted by the sexy Mistresses of LDW/Enchantrix Empire. Check it out HERE. This is a paid, explicit chat, which will involve only those who have signed up and paid for it in advance.


Jack Off with Princess Andi and Empress Constance

The Blonde Bombshell Dream Team

What is the event?

Princess Andi and Empress Constance will pop The Jack Off Club’s cherry! They even have gifts for those who attend. Click HERE for more details. Please be sure to pay for your admission (It’s only $10!) before the cut off of 1/18/2015 at 12 pm EST. You will be sent a password before the event to gain entrance to the private chat room. And don’t forget your lube! *wink*


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Call 800-601-6975 for an erotic phone sex session.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.
Discreetly billed to your credit card.
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Stroking Schedules by Ms. Constance

I know many of you enjoy being directed and love to have a woman like me in control of all things that have to do with your orgasms. Although I am not a fan of orgasm or chastity schedules I am a huge fan of stroking and edging schedules.

When can you stroke

Your stroking schedule will be determined by your personal life and what you have going on in your world. I will direct you on how many times a day or week you are to stroke for me and give suggestions on how to stroke for me, I will totally be in full control of your masturbation habits!

Stroking and Cumming

Now just because I said you can stroke does not mean you can cum! I decided when and IF you get to cum. You will follow my stroking schedule and when I feel the time is right or you beg to cum good enough I will grant you permission. But it must be done with me I cannot have you stroking and Cumming unsupervised.

Will it be intense?

It depends on what your typical habits are. I mean if someone stroked 150 times a day now I am not sure there is enough time in the day to add to that but there are ways to make it intense such as stroking assignments with how to stroke, where to stroke or even what to stroke too. For those of you who are light weights in the stroking and edging department well I will be sure to increase your stroking to the point you will be begging to speak to me for a chance at an orgasm!

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