Ms. Delia Knows You Need to be Teased

How to Keep a Man

When I was young, someone told me if you want to keep a man, you have to keep his stomach full and his balls empty. Hold on, hold on, I have to stop laughing! Men can eat anywhere they like and without a Cock Control Mistress, and jerk off anytime they want. Those of us who are cockteases know you must give him something he can’t get somewhere else, something he is incapable of doing by himself!

Cockteasing and Orgasm Denial

Of course I’m talking about denying his orgasms, like I do with my subby hubby. I like to keep him aroused all the time. During the day, I write him some dirty text messages, maybe send him a picture of me in sexy lingerie. When he’s home, I whisper in his ear all the naughty things I’ll do to him once I’m done tormenting all of you. Most importantly, I edge him! At least once a day is a must! On the weekends, I like to edge him a number of times every hour or so. On Christmas Day, I edged him over a hundred times and ruined 5 orgasms!

How Do I Cocktease Him

Sometimes, before he leaves for work in the morning I give him a quick handjob until that first drop of precum appears, then stop and give him a goodbye kiss. Other times, I tie him to the bed and give myself several orgasms by sliding my pussy along his hard shaft. He does have an amazing cock, so I frequently let it inside so he doesn’t forget how it feels. I get him so worked up that he will do anything for me in the hope for an orgasm!

Allowed to Cum

Here’s the thing though, you don’t want to totally deny him, because there’s nothing compared to the way he looks at me after I finally allow him an orgasm! I’m the first Mistress who’s ever had him in chastity, and at first it was difficult for him. But, he has learned to love it and realizes that I am the only person on this planet who can grant him this extraordinary pleasure he never experienced before!


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Extreme Edging Marathon

“I’m into extreme edging, Mistress!” Oh how those words explode in my ear like tiny eargasms.  Tickles my mind and start my head spinning. Sitting on the edge of my seat, chin in hand, I purrr “oh, do tell!” My ears perk up and my heart starts pumping thinking of the fun ways to control a new cock!

Extreme Edging Marathon

extreme edging


I wrote a blog about a Marathon submissive training weekend. Throughout the night he was visited by one sexy Mistress about every hour. Not long sessions, short and sweet. Another hour or so and another temptress would ring him for discipline. On and on through the night. Needless to say he was in submissive heaven by daybreak.

Well, extreme edging pet what about you? Are you man enough, trained enough to endure a day or night of tease and torment? How much can you handle? Two, three, four or even five shorter calls spaced out through out  the day, or hell even the week! Giving out assignments for the day during a nice stroking session! No orgasms! Either way you play, on the last call you’ll find out if you’ve earned that orgasm.

Extreme Edging Training

If you are not quite up for a marathon day or week then training is something you should consider. Training consists of regular sessions (time table up to you) with homework, combined with lessons on how to focus on your arousal, regulating and controlling it will have you mastering the skill in no time.  I’ve had great results in just a few sessions, well, when the student took his lessons seriously, that is.

Make those self love sessions count. Learn how to edge for a better sex life.   Before you know it, you’ll be up for a marathon of your very own.

Mistress Erika
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Getting Hotter This Summer with Cock Teasing Fun

Cock teasing fun to make your summer HOT!

1-800-601-6975 Cock Teasing Hot Summer

Hello, guys! I’ve had a plethora of cock teasing and cock edging calls recently. So much so that I’ve decided to have a special promotion all about the cock tease! From now until my birthday, August 27th free JOI with each 15 minute call. Well, I can’t really call it Jack Off Instructions, because it might involve a bit of time where there’s not touching at all!

Cock Teasing Fun

It’s easy, all you have to do is make a fifteen minute call. Let me get to know you, we can play and practice from the very start! Then you’ll receive instructions on what to do , or not do with that cock until next week! Vacation planned or can only do every other week? Works for me, I just want to control you, that cock and your orgasms for a bit of HOT summer fun! I love to get reports, and updates how you are doing with your task, just don’t get crazy on me! LOL Maybe an (read that as: one) email in between calls!

Cock Teasing Fantasies

So what kind of naughty things have you always wanted to do with that cock? Or better yet what is that cock whispering you to do? Humm? Does that cock want some pretty panties? How about a nice vibrator for your naughty ass? Edging your cock every time I mention something on twitta. I’ll have you a sweaty moaning and begging!

Let’s discuss your cock’s bucket list and cross some off this summer! I’ll customized a fun cock teasing hot time for us that includes (legal safe and sane) your hot ideas! Don’t worry about shocking me, I want to hear it all! But that doesn’t mean you might not hear a “Ohhhhhh yea, no!” LOL
No harm, no foul, right? Let me hear from you today!



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Edging for Explosive Orgasms

You may have stumbled upon it all on your own. Many guys experience it and not even realize they have. After all, the entire courting and dating scene is fraught with it. Unless you meet a lot of girls willing to bed you on the first date! Sure, they are out there, but along with them comes a multitude of concerns, doesn’t it? You could have been introduced to it by a more experienced partner, or perhaps your Mistress. Regardless of your introduction, you are here because you love, or are curious about, Orgasm Edging.

You are addicted. Addicted to having your cock teased and controlled. The rush you get feeling your orgasm build and build, you try to stay right on that edge delay your orgasm again and again. That feeling of imminent orgasm but knowing the exact right time to stop. But now, stroker boy, doing it alone has evolved to something less than erotic and you crave to have a sexy woman guide your masturbation, to take control of your cock and do whatever she wants you to do. Yes, you are firmly entrenched by your addiction. Now, the not knowing when she will allow you to cum is an added excitement. Giving up control adds an erotic element, how you will stroke, when you will stroke andOrgasm edging is a specialty of Mistress Erika's. when that glorious explosive orgasm will be permitted. Yes, give me control and all you have to do is concentrate on my voice. Concentrate on holding that cum and controlling my cock.

Are you curious about all this orgasm edging talk? As I see it there are a few classifications for edging stroker boys. The reason guy, the experimental guy, the guilty guy and of course all of them have an element of submission to them.

The reason guy. He has a reason why he is interested in edging, and a good one too boot! Sexual performance. He has an issue with premature ejaculation, try as he might on his own he is unable to delay his orgasm for more than a few minutes. That type of behavior will find you alone over and over, am I right ladies? If you want a woman to be completely satisfied then learning to delay your orgasm is a must. Orgasm edging makes you a better lover. Period. You want that, and trust me, SHE wants that. Or he, whichever.

Experimental guy is a lot of fun! He devours all kinds of sexy information on various kinks tries them on for size! In his travels, he found edging sex! He loves to share his newfound games and is looking for an experienced professional to teach him orgasm edging tips. Again, giving up control of your cock to me, and having the element of surprise get you where you are going!

Now guilty guy is an interesting guy. His guilt feelings can stem from just having sexual urges, masturbation and feelings he does not deserve to orgasm for one reason or another. He needs help, and guidance to be told what to do, and when to cum to sooth his guilty feelings.

I am sure there are other major themes out there regarding what kind of guy enjoys a long tease and delay but what I know is many, once introduced to edging, become addicted to it. The anticipation, lack of control and the time between orgasms become longer and longer. They crave riding that crest over and over, knowing once allowed to orgasm the intensity is off the charts.

So, what kind of edging guy are you? Interested in mastering the art of self-love? Impressing a lady in your life or just love giving up control to your Mistress? Call and tell me all about it! Mistress Erika 1-800-601-6975. Happy Stroking!


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Blue Balls Monday Tease

Ah, Monday. The weekend is over, and you’re back to the daily grind. You need an extra cup of coffee or two on Monday mornings, don’t you, because it’s even harder than other days to get going. And at this time of year, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, the days are shorter, and darker than in the warmer months. Kind of makes Blue Monday just that much more blah, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s change that. Let’s spice up that first day of the week, if not for you, then certainly for Me! Let’s get your circulation moving, at least to one strategic place. I want you to change your Blue Monday to Blue Balls Monday.

You don’t even have to reach an edge for Me, though the thought of that being a byproduct of the little game I propose will always arouse Me. I just want you to get that cock nice and hard for Me . . .  every two hours . . . and then tuck it back into your pants, and let it go down by itself. I want you to do this all day long.

At bedtime, I graciously give you permission to cum. Hopefully in a session with Me so I can hear all about how desperate and horny our little game has made you.  You know that’s what I love about teasing your cock more than just about anything: knowing that you are desperate, knowing that those balls are full and tight, and that you’ll do almost anything to hear Me give you leave to drain them.

Yes, we’re in the season of shorter days. This is one way to make your day seem even longer, and as for Me? Well it might not make My day longer, but knowing you’re teasing that cock for Me will certainly make My day!  Embrace the sweet frustration of the tease, and have yourself a Blue Balls Monday on Me!

Listen below for details, and a little encouragement!



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