Cuckold Tease

I do love to tease you about being a total cuckold.

I know you don’t think you really are a cuckold, but darling, let me tell you a secret: it’s not all a cuckold tease for you. It’s not just that I tell you hot stories to get you all wound up, and then laugh while you cum all over yourself, there’s more to the story. I have to get this off my chest, because I know you think it’s all been a game. You think I’ve just been teasing you all this time, but there’s a germ of truth in every story. So every fantasy I spin about some guy at a bar, or out at the county fair, or the cute guy at the library, has a central nugget of truth to it.

I tell you these stories to get you all horny and wound up.

Cuckold tease by Mistress Harper.I love the cuckold tease games we play. I love watching you get jealous, and then horny despite yourself, and then when you finally loose control and make such a mess on yourself, it’s just such a rush for me and I can’t help myself. So, darling, last weekend when you were on that business trip, and I was all alone, I started thinking. I though I could go to the bar, the one we like so much with the leather booths, and maybe find a cute guy to flirt with. I swear, I was only going to flirt. Just to get more fodder for our little cuckold tease game, I promise. Only to flirt…

But I was lonely, and you were away…

His name is Aaron, and he’s very cute. Brown hair and eyes, nice swimmer’s build, just like I like, and a cute dimple in his chin. He’s a woodworker, a cabinet maker, and he’s got really nice forearms and hands with calluses, and he can lick pussy like a drowning man gasping for air. I know, it’s so wrong to actually make you a cuckold, instead of just teasing you about it, but I was weak and he was there.

Are you getting jealous, darling? You know I’m here with you now. And Aaron is, well, he’s around I’m sure, and now look at you, so horny and turned on. I knew you’d get off on this story, just like the others. Isn’t it so much better with these little real elements? I’ve taken our cuckold tease game to a whole new level! Look at how horny you are, right now, so eager to show me that hard cock, aren’t you. It’s all just a story, isn’t it, a hot, sexy, fun story.

All just a story to add to our cuckold tease game.

Anyway, Aaron can’t wait to meet you.


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Tease Your Cuckold Husband With Dance

I cuckold My husband!

I cuckold My husband!

Dancing is a great way to cuckold and tease the man you love.

It’s ideal, because there will always be tease and denial on the dance floor. You can’t really hear a person talk with the music playing loud, so the way the body moves really is the only language. Swinging my hips from side to side rhythmically and staring at a man will always attract the attention of every male in the room.

Then, I run my fingers softly over my breasts while closing my eyes.

I lift up my arms, then, while dancing, to give the illusion that I am completely helpless. I move in slow but calculated movements to the beat, until I feel a male either in front of me or behind me. Now, I typically like to see the face of the person I am dancing with, but there is something highly erotically charged about a man you don’t know grinding up against your ass. I always feel the intensity of my husband’s gaze when this happens. He loves it when I cuckold him in public.

Also, I have no idea what the stranger looks like, and yet I can feel his cock against me.

This is only exciting when a guy has a large enough cock that I can feel him grinding up against me. If I can’t feel him, then I definitely don’t want his tiny penis rubbing against me. Large cocked men only need apply here. Sometimes, the man becomes so frisky that I feel he could almost cum in his pants. I still have no idea what he looks like.

He lightly rubs his hands against my breasts the first time.

He does it quickly, hoping I don’t really notice. Of course I notice, it sends electricity down my spine. Then, he becomes a little more confident and starts rubbing my breasts. The night club is packed, but my husband is still watching the action. The tease and denial of watching me with another man is not so much for the guy, as much as it is for my husband. This is the point where I invite the guy back to my house. No guy I’ve ever played with has ever cared that I have a husband at this point. They are just happy that they are getting laid.

Happy Hunting!

Mistress Simone



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Cuckold Humiliation Tease

I want to talk about an aspect of the cuckold fetish that often gets overlooked: Cuckold Humiliation!

Now, yes, the idea of being embarrassed because your girlfriend or wife is cuckolding you is pretty common, but I want to tease this idea out more, make it more real and up in front. I want to get in depth with cuckold humiliation as its own separate thing. If you listened to the Whore School episode on the Cuckold Fetish, you already know that my favorite version of cuckolding is based in female superiority. If you haven’t listened, you can hear the Cuckold Fetish episode here, and don’t forget to tune in live on Sunday nights at 11 pm EDT for new episodes.

800 356 6169 cuckold humiliationWhat do I mean when I talk about cuckold humiliation?

As with all forms of erotic humiliation, the cuckold humiliation starts with you being embarrassed. In this case, you’re embarrassed because you’re not the one having sex with your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just that simple fact that proves to be the spark to your humiliation. You’re not having sex with a woman who, in theory, ought to be sexually available to you. How embarrassing! Sometimes, there’s extra layers to your humiliation: maybe he’s significantly better endowed than you are. Perhaps he can make her cum multiple times where you can’t. Maybe, when she puts you side by side with him, you just plain don’t measure up.

Cuckold humiliation is playing on the thing that embarrasses you.

In this case, you’re not into the scenario because her desirability as a sexual partner reflects well on you, like in the Hot Wife fantasy. You’re not into it because you love to see a Big Black Cock in action, making your woman into a dirty slut in bed. You’re turned on because it’s embarrassing, because it’s plain humiliating to see how much more she wants him than she wants you. You’re into it because you’re not as much of a man as he is, and having that rubbed in your face is fucking hot.

I’m into it because cuckold humiliation hits all my happy buttons.


Humiliation Tease

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