Ms. Christine’s Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge

Want Out of Your Chastity Cage

Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge with Ms Christine

I love challenging you…

How many more of you chastity sluts are there in the waiting room, outside of that door?  You all came here to try my cock teasing chastity challenge, to see if I would let you out of the confinement that I currently have you locked up in.  So far, five have entered, and all five have failed to meet the challenge!  So, chastity slave tell me, are you ready to give it a go?  I bet you are. Now winning release from that spiked chastity cage is simple.  Just have a seat in this chair, and I’ll tell you what you must do.

The Chastity Challenge

I’m going to sit myself on your lap.  You’re going to wrap your hands around my breasts.  For two hours.  All you have to do is keep them there for that time.  I’m going to allow you to do whatever you want with them.  Massage them, pinch my nipples, play with them like they are radio dials, lick them, suck them.  The only thing is, you can’t cry or give up. 

You’re Getting Me Horny

Now, if you get me excited, I’m allowed (of course!) to grind on your lap and kiss and make out with you.  Just knowing you’re locked in chastity is getting me excited enough, so I’m probably going to enjoy grinding against you and your cage. And the knowledge that you will keep your hands on my breasts, no matter what I do to you is very arousing as well. Because if you fail, I’ll add another month to your chastity sentence. Also, I’m a really good kisser and a great lap dancer!  Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Don’t worry though, if you do fail and find yourself lock up for another month, I’m always available to issue you another challenge. If you meet it, I might waive the rest of the month, but if you fail again, that will be two more months of cock teasing you and your locked up cock.

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Ms. Harper’s Stroke and Cum Game

One of these days I’d love to just sit you down and make you stroke and cum for me.

Over and over and over again.

That’s right. I want to drive you over that edge, and then build you back up again. I want to milk you dry, drain every drop of cum out of your balls until you’re as dry and shriveled as a prune. I’d use you and borderline abuse you, just because it amuses me. You’d beg me to stop, to let you rest, to be put in chastity. Admit it, there’s a part of you that is curious about how many times you can orgasm in any given twenty four hour period, if I just let you stroke and cum for me.

800 356 6169 stroke and cumIt’s a dark little fantasy, this stroke and cum game I’ve dreamed up.

I know you’ll be sore and tired, chaffing and aching in your balls by the time I’m done having you stroke and cum. You’ll be unable to walk normally for a week after the workout I’m planning for you. I wonder if knowing how much you’re going to regret this would dissuade you at all from going forward with it. I’m betting not. I think you could know exactly what this is going to do to your cock and balls and you’d still beg me to milk your cock and balls.

After I play my stroke and cum game with you, I think it’d be only fair to give you a break with some chastity.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without cumming? How long do you think it’d be before you’d want to even think about stroking your cock after a workout like this? I know you’d be sore for at least a week, and probably another week before you’d built back up the urge to jerk off. So how does six weeks of chastity sound? Or a nice round 100 days kept chaste. I bet you’d be willing to beg to play another game of stroke and cum after 100 days in chastity for me.

Let’s play a game together! Stroke and cum for me, and then we’ll explore extreme chastity together; it’ll be fun!

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Cock Teasing Torment for a Chastity Pet

Today, you’re going to be My cock teasing toys, while reading a tale of a cock teasing toy.  Has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I want you to lie back, grab some lube, your cock (if it’s not caged), close your eyes, and edge for Me while you put yourself in the place of My tormented slave, as related in this little fantasy.  You won’t know whether or not you’re allowed to cum until the end of the audio I’ve included. You must read and listen to all to hear yes, or no.  Ready?

You marked it on your calendar with a big, red, heart.  You had forgotten yourself and began to moon at Me around A cock teasing tale from Ms. Rachel.the house.  I even caught you doing it while humping furniture as I was reading a magazine across the room.  Admittedly I had nothing on but a sheer off the shoulder tunic that put My round, perky breasts and their rosebud nipples on display.  Admittedly you could catch flashes of the pussy I told you that you could fuck as I crossed and uncrossed My toned, silky legs.  But I still had to scold you several times and send you to your corner, facing the wall.  You were still smiling as you crawled there, even though I hissed at you that you were worse than a dog.  All that mattered to you is that you were going to get to break your 3 month chastity by sliding your cock in and out of My pussy.

The day arrived, and I nearly had to beat you away from Me with My riding crop.  You hovered nearby as I went about My day with that mooning smile taking on a particularly frantic tinge.  Your imprisoned cock rose fully away from your body before flopping back down, so anxious was it to be allowed to get hard and squirt.  I thought you might cry with joy when I finally said, “To My bedroom, slave.  Mistress wants to fuck.” You fell over your own feet a few times on the way up the stairs, and you were waiting for Me on your knees on the floor at the end of the bed when I got there, hands behind your back.  Good, I thought. That would give you time to see and contemplate the nice big gift box, wrapped in shiny red paper and a big black satin bow.

“Did you see your gift, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress.”  You side-eyed it uneasily, because after all, you know Me well.

I bent down and drew the long chain that carried the key to your chastity device from between My breasts, and for a moment, you forgot about your anxiety regarding what your cruel Mistress could possibly have inside the box.  No doubt you were thinking of some of the times I had you offer Me breast worship, sucking and teasing My nipples just the way I like, while I masturbated. Even though you were locked securely in your cage at the time, I know that a tease toy like you still enjoyed it immensely.  Your attention was wavering between the sudden, free sensation of the cage sliding away from your skin, and those memories.

“Good.  Take it into the master bathroom, open it, and put on what’s inside.  Mistress will be lying on the bed masturbating, so that She’s slippery and wet for that denied cock when you come out.  And don’t take too long in there.  Just because your cage is off, it doesn’t mean you get to stroke.”

I slipped off My sheer tunic while I spoke, allowing you an eyeful of My whole body, naked except for My champagne colored kitten heels.  You were still there, drooling, as I pushed the box aside and climbed up toward the pillows on all fours, exposing My firm ass cheeks and the plump, pink lips of My kitty cat.  I turned over and settled in, and when My thighs spread apart, so did those lips.  I let you stay until I had drawn one finger from the bottom to My clit.

“What are you waiting for?  Go!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Your hands came from behind your back and you grabbed at the package, scurrying as fast as you could on your knees toward the bathroom door.



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Stroking Schedules by Ms. Constance

I know many of you enjoy being directed and love to have a woman like me in control of all things that have to do with your orgasms. Although I am not a fan of orgasm or chastity schedules I am a huge fan of stroking and edging schedules.

When can you stroke

Your stroking schedule will be determined by your personal life and what you have going on in your world. I will direct you on how many times a day or week you are to stroke for me and give suggestions on how to stroke for me, I will totally be in full control of your masturbation habits!

Stroking and Cumming

Now just because I said you can stroke does not mean you can cum! I decided when and IF you get to cum. You will follow my stroking schedule and when I feel the time is right or you beg to cum good enough I will grant you permission. But it must be done with me I cannot have you stroking and Cumming unsupervised.

Will it be intense?

It depends on what your typical habits are. I mean if someone stroked 150 times a day now I am not sure there is enough time in the day to add to that but there are ways to make it intense such as stroking assignments with how to stroke, where to stroke or even what to stroke too. For those of you who are light weights in the stroking and edging department well I will be sure to increase your stroking to the point you will be begging to speak to me for a chance at an orgasm!

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