Guided Masturbation from Ms Dallas


Hey stroker boys. Grab your favorite lube, strip off all those clothes and lean back in your easy chair or sofa.

Use your thumb & forefinger to roll your nipples—get them nice and hard. Feel that excitement build.

Slowly stroke your hands from your nipples to your groin and inner thighs. Stroke them and feel all that tingling increase.

Put one hand flat with the heel on that very sensitive spot underneath those balls and the fingers pointing to that ass. Make tiny circles. Feel the heat build!

Wrap that other hand around the base of your cock. Don’t stop making those circles with your other hand! Slowly increase the speed of strokes on that cock until you are right at the edge.

Stay right there. Don’t leave that edge. Stroke at the edge for at least 7 minutes without cumming.

Now you may click the button for your final instructions.

Guided Masturbation from Ms. Hannah

My instructions are going to be fairly simple. hannah4-tease.jpg
I want you to get some lube or lotion (lots of it because you are going to need it). I want that cock nice and hard then I want you to take the lube or lotion (your decision) and get that cock very slippery for me.

Once you have that done I want you to grab that cock (which is currently mine because I am telling you exactly what to do with it today) and wrap your hand around it. I want you to take nice long, slow strokes for me up and down the shaft. Do this for 5 minutes (no cheating! – I want it nice and slow, squeezing tightly)

Now I want you to stroke my cock at a medium pace for another 5 minutes. Key word here is MEDIUM pace.

By now my cock should want more so I want you to stroke hard and fast for 2 minutes then I want you to slow back down.

This is a cycle boyz – repeat from the beginning three more times then come back here and listen to me.

Guided Masturbation from Ms Dallas


OK you little wankers. Get your favorite lube out and lean back in your easy chair or sofa. Strip off all your clothing.

Start with a sensual stroking of your chest and nipples. Hard nipples are required. Then stroke lightly up and down your body from chest to upper thighs several times. Go very slowly!

Slowly and lightly stroke your groin and inner thighs. Don’t touch that cock or balls yet.

All right, now gently stroke your balls with one hand while continuing to stroke the inner thighs with the other hand. Slide one finger underneath those balls and massage that sensitive spot.

Now place your other hand on your cock. Don’t stop stroking those balls! Very slowly begin stroking the cock. Increase the speed slowly until you are at the edge.

Now is the hard part. Stroke at the edge, without cumming, for at least five minutes.

Once you have done that, click on the button for your final instructions.

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January 13th Masturbation Instructions from Ms Carmen


You will need:

1. Several latex balloons varying in size from small to large (16 to 20”). You can judge the size you need after you read this through, and depending upon the size of your cock.
2. Lube or Vaseline
3. Plastic cup or plastic drinking glass
4. Powder – baby powder or whatever kind you like .. scented? Up to you!
5. Optional – an exercise ball (those big ones you buy and then put in the basement after a week)

There are several ways to masturbate with balloons, and all are simple, fun and “rewarding.” Therefore, you are to do all three and send me an email reporting your findings. Which method was more effective for you, and why? However, when you try

METHOD #1: Blow up large balloon (to about 16”), inflating it to full size. Tie it off well, so no air escapes while you pound it. Apply baby powder to the balloon, then place it on your bed. Slide slowly back and forth on the balloon, rubbing your penis against it. The slippery feel of the powder on the balloon and your cock will feel very erotic (and the smell is nice too!), and soon you will move much faster and faster until you are pounding that balloon! Now if you are in T & D training, this is perfect because it will drive you absolutely crazy to make yourself STOP right before you blow a load all over the balloon. Why not do it anyway? Just stop and hold back and go do something else for about 30 minutes, then come back and repeat, using more powder. The longer you deny yourself, the more explosive and wonderful your orgasm will be on that balloon when you finally shoot!

METHOD #2: This is similar to the first method, and just as simple, but has a different feel to it. Blow up your very largest balloon or take one of those big exercise balls and put it on the floor. If you use a latex balloon you will need something to lean back on and prop your elbows like a coffee table or couch. Lube up your cock really well and then sit on the balloon. Push back and forth in a smooth, even tempo until you climax. It’s fun to squirt cum on a balloon!

METHOD #3: This is the one you MUST report to me for. Do what I instruct here at the computer and when you are getting REALLY aroused, close to cumming but not yet cumming, click below and listen to me. Fill a balloon about ¾ of the way with warm water. Judge the size of the balloon by the size of your cup or glass. Tie off the balloon and put it into the drinking container; it should be a good tight fit. It should be warm and gushy and have a lot of give. Lube up your cock, shove it into the balloon and with any imagination at ALL you should be able to close your eyes and imagine that warm squishy balloon is something else! Find a good rhythm, stroking your cock with that home-made masturbator, and before long you are going to be ready to cum hard into that balloon. But no no no..

Click the button and let me guide you! Get yourself fairly close to the edge before you listen to me!

Call 800-356-6169 for Ms Carmen

January 12th Masturbation Instructions from Ms Ava

The Fruits of Your Labor
For this rather simple task, we will explore the pleasures of food and masturbation… specifically with fruits and/or veggies.

I already know that you are a bit of a depraved pervert, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, subjecting yourself to the whims of your favorite Tease Mafia Princesses!

This assignment has several parts to it. You are already getting the idea that Mistress Ava is a strong and passionate advocate for making stroker boys work hard to earn their release, aren’t you?

1st, you are to take a trip to your local grocery store. Walk around the produce aisle, and pick out 3 different pieces of fruits or vegetables that you would like to masturbate with. What looks interesting to you? I would like you to use your imagination in this assignment, don’t be boring or use the standard carrot in the ass… what about a melon with a hole cut in it to fit over your cock? Or, a possibly a cucumber if you can find one large enough to accommodate your prick. Also, tomatoes are soft, and will work as well. Be creative!

Take them home and put them aside for at least one hour before continuing.

When your hour has passed, you should take the time to throughougly cleanse each item to remove any pesticides, dirt or chemicals that might be on them before you begin the next part of this task. After cleasning the produce, I want you to experiment with jerking off into or with each of the items. Take enough time so that you are able to fully enjoy and experience the various sensations that each piece of produce provides you. Get lost in the sensations of jerking your cock off into your new “toy”, and/or become caught up in the way the produce feels inserted into your ass as you are stroking your cock simultaneously. It is your choice as to how you are going to bring yourself to the edge. Try using each fruit or vegetable on yourself and then decide which one you would prefer to shoot your load all over. Whatever you do, do not throw away any of the produce yet. Keep jerking off with your produce until you are as close to the edge as you can possibly stand it. Then return to this page and listen carefully for the last part of the instructions for today’s task.


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