Stroking Instructions: The Art of Masturbation

There’s a special art to masturbation, and sadly, most males just haven’t mastered it. That’s why I’m bringing you a sample of my Stroking Instructions.

The capital letters are warranted, I assure you, as my Stroking Instructions are a cut above and very special. I’ve made a 800 601 7259 Stroking Instructionsstudy of masturbation, cocks, and sexual arousal, and worked all this together into a sort of formula that is guaranteed to bring you amazing results. Remember, as with all highly addictive things, the first sample is free…

I want you to get ready for your Stroking Instructions by stripping down totally nude.

Erotic masturbation should be a full body event! None of this just pulling your dick out and whacking off bullshit, oh no. Take off everything, from socks to shirt, and bare your entire body. Yes, this may mean you’ll have to set up a heater in the winter or a fan in the summer, but this experience is worth the extra effort. Once you’re nude, get comfortable. I want you reclined, but not totally flat, on your back. Your legs should be bent slightly, your head supported by pillows, and you should be able to easily reach that cock without stretching, strain, or noticeable effort.

Now that you’re in position, the Stroking Instructions are as follows:

With a dry palm, rub across the cock, downward towards the toes. Cup your fingers under the entire package, to the balls. Gently roll both cock and balls in the palm and fingers, allowing arousal to build slowly. Roll in a clockwise, and then counter-clockwise direction, reversing direction frequently. Use your fingers and thumb to encourage the cock to harden, tracing the veins and texture with the tips of your fingers. As the cock reaches full hardness, allow the slow realization to build that you desperately need to share this experience. Reach for your phone, and call your Mistress, so that she can continue to give you detailed Cock Stroking Instructions.



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Blue Balls Monday Tease

Ah, Monday. The weekend is over, and you’re back to the daily grind. You need an extra cup of coffee or two on Monday mornings, don’t you, because it’s even harder than other days to get going. And at this time of year, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, the days are shorter, and darker than in the warmer months. Kind of makes Blue Monday just that much more blah, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s change that. Let’s spice up that first day of the week, if not for you, then certainly for Me! Let’s get your circulation moving, at least to one strategic place. I want you to change your Blue Monday to Blue Balls Monday.

You don’t even have to reach an edge for Me, though the thought of that being a byproduct of the little game I propose will always arouse Me. I just want you to get that cock nice and hard for Me . . .  every two hours . . . and then tuck it back into your pants, and let it go down by itself. I want you to do this all day long.

At bedtime, I graciously give you permission to cum. Hopefully in a session with Me so I can hear all about how desperate and horny our little game has made you.  You know that’s what I love about teasing your cock more than just about anything: knowing that you are desperate, knowing that those balls are full and tight, and that you’ll do almost anything to hear Me give you leave to drain them.

Yes, we’re in the season of shorter days. This is one way to make your day seem even longer, and as for Me? Well it might not make My day longer, but knowing you’re teasing that cock for Me will certainly make My day!  Embrace the sweet frustration of the tease, and have yourself a Blue Balls Monday on Me!

Listen below for details, and a little encouragement!



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Mistress Piper’s Cocktease In Tights

cocktease seduction

Get on your knees and SERVE!

As soon as you close the door, you feel my hand grab you by the cock and balls and begin dragging you to the bedroom.

You almost fight, but just in time you hear my voice growling in your ear, “Don’t even think about it!” My voice makes you weak and docile, and so you do as I want.

I order you to strip naked and get on the bed. Before you realize it, you’re bound hands and feet to my bed, helpless and vulnerable, your hard cock exposed and erect. With a devious smile, I back away from the bed and slowly undress.

You can’t believe what’s happening and your dick starts to drip. I slap your cock harshly. “That’s for dripping on my sheets!”

I bend over and begin digging in my toy drawer. You’re treated to a view of my ass and pussy–and you can’t help but imagine you’re behind me, fucking me like my boyfriend does. As if I can read your mind, I do a little cocktease seduction wiggle. You almost cum right there in my bed.

You don’t get to enjoy the sight of my pussy for long, however, because I pull on a pair of black opaque tights. You’re sad to see my pretty pink folds disappear.

I straddle your face, and you can smell the aroma of my arousal, and you can see it beginning to soak through my tights. “You won’t be able to lick me today, so you’ll have to submit to my grinding on your face.”

Don’t worry, though, I won’t leave your cock horny and denied for long.

You hear my Hitachi vibrator turned up on high, and you wait to feel the cream drip out of my pussy, through my tights, and onto your face as I press it to my clit.

Instead, you feel me grab your dick roughly and hold it still as I simultaneously press the head of my vibrator onto the tip of your cock. It feels good–for two seconds.

Then you begin whimpering and moaning, writhing under me. I laugh cruelly and tell you to wiggle more, that I like your nose rubbing my clit.

Over and over I subject you to vibrator CBT, keeping you from cumming until I’ve cum at least five times.

When i do allow you to cum, you scream so loud I have to muffle you with my crotch–because the screaming only gets louder after you cum, and I don’t take the vibrator off the head of your cock for several minutes more!

You’ll never again be able to see a woman in tights without shivering!

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Tease and Denial Hand Job

What’s better than a tease and denial hand job?

Tease and Denial!

Tease and Denial!

I know, it may not sound like a fun thing to you, but it sounds absolutely incredible to me! Imagine, if you will, the frustration of trying not to get rock hard. You have been wanting to fuck me all day. We spent the whole day shopping. You were such a good man and waited while I found the perfect pair of shoes. You were rather frustrated, as I wore a very hot dress. I kept bending over throughout the day. Needless to say, you were very frustrated all day long.

We finally get home and all I want to do is cuddle next to you.

I know, I can be such a cock tease.

It feels great to feel my body next to yours, but I keep complaining that I’m tired from all the shopping. You try to encourage me by nibbling on my neck. You know it really excites me when you tease me in this fashion. You also know when I get excited, you tend to respond in kind.

You feel me fumble with your zipper and pull out your cock.

Of course, your cock is rock hard. You love it when I touch your cock for any reason whatsoever. You feel me rubbing your cock. I have such soft beautiful hands. It feels so incredible when I touch your cock. You love a good hand job from me. You also love when I rub up against you while giving you a hand job.

The phone rings and you beg me not to answer it.

It is, of course, too late. I do answer it, I have to take the call. It’s my boss and you watch as I walk away.

You have been teased, denied and blue balled.

I love teasing your cock!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone




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Tease Your Cuckold Husband With Dance

I cuckold My husband!

I cuckold My husband!

Dancing is a great way to cuckold and tease the man you love.

It’s ideal, because there will always be tease and denial on the dance floor. You can’t really hear a person talk with the music playing loud, so the way the body moves really is the only language. Swinging my hips from side to side rhythmically and staring at a man will always attract the attention of every male in the room.

Then, I run my fingers softly over my breasts while closing my eyes.

I lift up my arms, then, while dancing, to give the illusion that I am completely helpless. I move in slow but calculated movements to the beat, until I feel a male either in front of me or behind me. Now, I typically like to see the face of the person I am dancing with, but there is something highly erotically charged about a man you don’t know grinding up against your ass. I always feel the intensity of my husband’s gaze when this happens. He loves it when I cuckold him in public.

Also, I have no idea what the stranger looks like, and yet I can feel his cock against me.

This is only exciting when a guy has a large enough cock that I can feel him grinding up against me. If I can’t feel him, then I definitely don’t want his tiny penis rubbing against me. Large cocked men only need apply here. Sometimes, the man becomes so frisky that I feel he could almost cum in his pants. I still have no idea what he looks like.

He lightly rubs his hands against my breasts the first time.

He does it quickly, hoping I don’t really notice. Of course I notice, it sends electricity down my spine. Then, he becomes a little more confident and starts rubbing my breasts. The night club is packed, but my husband is still watching the action. The tease and denial of watching me with another man is not so much for the guy, as much as it is for my husband. This is the point where I invite the guy back to my house. No guy I’ve ever played with has ever cared that I have a husband at this point. They are just happy that they are getting laid.

Happy Hunting!

Mistress Simone



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