Teased and Tempted

I love to get you all hot and bothered, teased and tempted into indiscretion.

I know all your buttons, all the little things that get you turned on. And I can hint and imply with just a look, a sly glance, or a simple word whispered in your ear. It’s such a thrill to me, to take you out in public and then tease and tempt you into something naughty. You get this look on your face when you’re so turned on that you can’t think… all you can do is obey, listen to my words, and just give in. It’s so easy to lead you along the path to your own utter ruin.

teased and tempted 800 356 6169When I’ve got you teased and tempted to do naughty things, I like to push the envelope a little.

There are a few lines you haven’t been willing to cross yet. But I bet I could get you teased and tempted into crossing. I just love to watch you try to cum silently, without drawing attention to yourself. So that little restaurant, with the booths. We could get a table in the back, and I can slide my foot along the inside of your thigh, nestle my toes right up under your balls. I bet I can get you hot enough to cum in your pants in public for me.

Wouldn’t you like to be just a little bit tempted?

Just think of all those things you’d like to do, but don’t feel like you can do, for one reason or another. Public humiliation games, sissy maid games, even some fun with chastity. You’ve thought about them, but you just haven’t taken the plunge. Let me tell you, I am the worst/best enabler on the planet. Combine my ‘no shame’ philosophy with my ‘why not’ attitude, and you’ll find yourself teased and tempted into the most amazing situations. How did you wind up here? Easy: you let me tempt you into it.



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Edging for Explosive Orgasms

You may have stumbled upon it all on your own. Many guys experience it and not even realize they have. After all, the entire courting and dating scene is fraught with it. Unless you meet a lot of girls willing to bed you on the first date! Sure, they are out there, but along with them comes a multitude of concerns, doesn’t it? You could have been introduced to it by a more experienced partner, or perhaps your Mistress. Regardless of your introduction, you are here because you love, or are curious about, Orgasm Edging.

You are addicted. Addicted to having your cock teased and controlled. The rush you get feeling your orgasm build and build, you try to stay right on that edge delay your orgasm again and again. That feeling of imminent orgasm but knowing the exact right time to stop. But now, stroker boy, doing it alone has evolved to something less than erotic and you crave to have a sexy woman guide your masturbation, to take control of your cock and do whatever she wants you to do. Yes, you are firmly entrenched by your addiction. Now, the not knowing when she will allow you to cum is an added excitement. Giving up control adds an erotic element, how you will stroke, when you will stroke andOrgasm edging is a specialty of Mistress Erika's. when that glorious explosive orgasm will be permitted. Yes, give me control and all you have to do is concentrate on my voice. Concentrate on holding that cum and controlling my cock.

Are you curious about all this orgasm edging talk? As I see it there are a few classifications for edging stroker boys. The reason guy, the experimental guy, the guilty guy and of course all of them have an element of submission to them.

The reason guy. He has a reason why he is interested in edging, and a good one too boot! Sexual performance. He has an issue with premature ejaculation, try as he might on his own he is unable to delay his orgasm for more than a few minutes. That type of behavior will find you alone over and over, am I right ladies? If you want a woman to be completely satisfied then learning to delay your orgasm is a must. Orgasm edging makes you a better lover. Period. You want that, and trust me, SHE wants that. Or he, whichever.

Experimental guy is a lot of fun! He devours all kinds of sexy information on various kinks tries them on for size! In his travels, he found edging sex! He loves to share his newfound games and is looking for an experienced professional to teach him orgasm edging tips. Again, giving up control of your cock to me, and having the element of surprise get you where you are going!

Now guilty guy is an interesting guy. His guilt feelings can stem from just having sexual urges, masturbation and feelings he does not deserve to orgasm for one reason or another. He needs help, and guidance to be told what to do, and when to cum to sooth his guilty feelings.

I am sure there are other major themes out there regarding what kind of guy enjoys a long tease and delay but what I know is many, once introduced to edging, become addicted to it. The anticipation, lack of control and the time between orgasms become longer and longer. They crave riding that crest over and over, knowing once allowed to orgasm the intensity is off the charts.

So, what kind of edging guy are you? Interested in mastering the art of self-love? Impressing a lady in your life or just love giving up control to your Mistress? Call and tell me all about it! Mistress Erika 1-800-601-6975. Happy Stroking!


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Prick Tease Mistress Piper Makes Your Balls Ache

You crave Ms. Piper to give you achy balls.

Let ME take control!

Achy balls. Two of my favorite things!

Oh, how much fun is it to squeeze a pair of overripe plums and see the juice dripping out of your cock? Clean that up, boy. You know better than to stain my sofa! And I said clean up the juice, not stroke the stick! If you touch your cock, then I’ll stop touching it, and I assure you: you’d much rather feel my soft and skilled hands on your cock.

I can’t help watching you with fascination as I stroke you fast–pump, pump, pump–and then slowly, slowly, slowly. Hah. I made your pupils dilate.

A nice little squirt of oil on the tip, watching it and feeling it drip down your shaft, rubbing it into the base of your cock, going round and round–then zip! a nice quick upstroke. I go hand over hand over hand very quickly, and you damn near pass out. When I stop stroking and just rub the tip with my thumb, it starts feeling so good, hen it gets intense. Prick Tease Mistress Piper knows how to make you sweat!

Oh, now you’re squirming because I’m driving you a little insane with my focused stimulation. Good. That’s exactly what I wanted!

Then I lube up your cock again and put your dick between my two palms. One hand slides up while the other hand slides down, over and over again. It’s like a mind fuck for your rock hard denied cock. It’s too much for you, and you begin begging me to just put you out of your misery and allow you to cum already!

Hmmm….I’m not sure you deserve to cum! I think you should call me so I can decide what you deserve. After all, if you want me to guide your masturbation, then you need to let me take full control!


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Trying to hide your unruly cock from the girls?

Your unruly cockThrough the Cloth – Your Unruly Cock

You know how when you were in school, you rubbed your dick through your jeans? It was debatable whether you were trying to feel good or hide your unruly cock from the girls who seemed to be everywhere. When you hid your hard-on with books, you pressed those against your cock, too, didn’t you. (Don’t deny it. I know you did!)

When you were in college, you found more time and outlets to masturbate, but it still felt so good to press on your dick through your clothes. Even if you were able to have sex finally, it wasn’t enough to keep you from getting hard all the time. Hiding it again in classes or walking to the library.

Even now at work under the desk, you use the heel of your hand to press on your cock, pushing it downward, only to feel it slide back up again… you doing a sort of sideways stroking dance. Over and over again. Oops! Do you feel the wet in your underwear? Did you drip some pre-cum? Maybe you are stimulating yourself a tad too much.

It’s become a habit, that type of enjoying your personal toy… your dick… hasn’t it. While it might usually be reserved for when you are out, some of you seem to have really gotten into a place of not being able get aroused without this nudging cat & mouse game.

And ohhhhhh, do I love watching it.

Talk about tease & denial! You sitting there on your lounge chair, cam on a hard surface in front of you, with me watching.

Um… keep that dick IN your pants, boy. I want to watch you press and rub. I want you to make it so hard your balls start hurting. I want you to feel wet from pre-cum in there.

I want to see if you can even cum this way.


When we turn that cam off, I am sure you will strip and stroke faster than I can say, “Don’t touch it!”

At least I was able to deny you for quite awhile, right?

laughing at your suffering

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