Ms. Christine’s Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge

Want Out of Your Chastity Cage

Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge with Ms Christine

I love challenging you…

How many more of you chastity sluts are there in the waiting room, outside of that door?  You all came here to try my cock teasing chastity challenge, to see if I would let you out of the confinement that I currently have you locked up in.  So far, five have entered, and all five have failed to meet the challenge!  So, chastity slave tell me, are you ready to give it a go?  I bet you are. Now winning release from that spiked chastity cage is simple.  Just have a seat in this chair, and I’ll tell you what you must do.

The Chastity Challenge

I’m going to sit myself on your lap.  You’re going to wrap your hands around my breasts.  For two hours.  All you have to do is keep them there for that time.  I’m going to allow you to do whatever you want with them.  Massage them, pinch my nipples, play with them like they are radio dials, lick them, suck them.  The only thing is, you can’t cry or give up. 

You’re Getting Me Horny

Now, if you get me excited, I’m allowed (of course!) to grind on your lap and kiss and make out with you.  Just knowing you’re locked in chastity is getting me excited enough, so I’m probably going to enjoy grinding against you and your cage. And the knowledge that you will keep your hands on my breasts, no matter what I do to you is very arousing as well. Because if you fail, I’ll add another month to your chastity sentence. Also, I’m a really good kisser and a great lap dancer!  Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Don’t worry though, if you do fail and find yourself lock up for another month, I’m always available to issue you another challenge. If you meet it, I might waive the rest of the month, but if you fail again, that will be two more months of cock teasing you and your locked up cock.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

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Getting Hotter This Summer with Cock Teasing Fun

Cock teasing fun to make your summer HOT!

1-800-601-6975 Cock Teasing Hot Summer

Hello, guys! I’ve had a plethora of cock teasing and cock edging calls recently. So much so that I’ve decided to have a special promotion all about the cock tease! From now until my birthday, August 27th free JOI with each 15 minute call. Well, I can’t really call it Jack Off Instructions, because it might involve a bit of time where there’s not touching at all!

Cock Teasing Fun

It’s easy, all you have to do is make a fifteen minute call. Let me get to know you, we can play and practice from the very start! Then you’ll receive instructions on what to do , or not do with that cock until next week! Vacation planned or can only do every other week? Works for me, I just want to control you, that cock and your orgasms for a bit of HOT summer fun! I love to get reports, and updates how you are doing with your task, just don’t get crazy on me! LOL Maybe an (read that as: one) email in between calls!

Cock Teasing Fantasies

So what kind of naughty things have you always wanted to do with that cock? Or better yet what is that cock whispering you to do? Humm? Does that cock want some pretty panties? How about a nice vibrator for your naughty ass? Edging your cock every time I mention something on twitta. I’ll have you a sweaty moaning and begging!

Let’s discuss your cock’s bucket list and cross some off this summer! I’ll customized a fun cock teasing hot time for us that includes (legal safe and sane) your hot ideas! Don’t worry about shocking me, I want to hear it all! But that doesn’t mean you might not hear a “Ohhhhhh yea, no!” LOL
No harm, no foul, right? Let me hear from you today!



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Long Polished Fingernails Make Great Cock Tease Tools

cockteasing fun with Ms. Rachel - call me 800-601-6975 You know, I often wonder about both the historical and the evolutionary origins of style. Some are easily enough sussed out. For example, women stopped wearing corsets widely in the early part of the 20th century because they were seeking more freedom in lots of ways, and though I Myself love a beautiful corset, I can understand that women defying convention and seeking more freedom, both physically and socially, would feel tremendously free in discarding their confines as every day wear.

But other conventions in fashion are a bit less straight forward. For example, when did women start painting their toenails . . . and their fingernails? When and why did long, painted nails come into fashion? And why are so many men as attracted seeing that buffed and polished color on the tips of Our fingers as We are?

Notice I didn’t say like We are. I think We women simply find it pretty, and yes, sexy. But the men who are drawn to long, lacquered nails seem to be affected much more erotically.

I was just looking at My freshly manicured nails today, admiring them, and longing to use them for some cock teasing fun. It’s a good thing I have you, isn’t it, tease toys?

Oh, I know I’m not right there with you, but I’m sure that with O/ur imaginations, and the help of My beguiling voice in your ear, it may seem just as if I am.

You see, I want you to stroke for Me, but . . . I’m going to help . . . with the aid of My long, pretty, painted fingernails.

You stroke a little . . . then I’ll tease a little . . . then you get to stroke some more . . .

And back and forth like that until you’re begging to be allowed to grab a hold of that throbbing, teased member and beat it hard for Me until you explode!

If you’re a good boy, and you’re patient, and you hold off for as long as you can, I might just wrap My pretty little hand with its bright red tipped fingers around that straining cock, and let you see your cream contrast ever so nicely with My chosen color.

Click below to listen in, and I’ll tell you how.

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Ms. Harper’s Stroke and Cum Game

One of these days I’d love to just sit you down and make you stroke and cum for me.

Over and over and over again.

That’s right. I want to drive you over that edge, and then build you back up again. I want to milk you dry, drain every drop of cum out of your balls until you’re as dry and shriveled as a prune. I’d use you and borderline abuse you, just because it amuses me. You’d beg me to stop, to let you rest, to be put in chastity. Admit it, there’s a part of you that is curious about how many times you can orgasm in any given twenty four hour period, if I just let you stroke and cum for me.

800 356 6169 stroke and cumIt’s a dark little fantasy, this stroke and cum game I’ve dreamed up.

I know you’ll be sore and tired, chaffing and aching in your balls by the time I’m done having you stroke and cum. You’ll be unable to walk normally for a week after the workout I’m planning for you. I wonder if knowing how much you’re going to regret this would dissuade you at all from going forward with it. I’m betting not. I think you could know exactly what this is going to do to your cock and balls and you’d still beg me to milk your cock and balls.

After I play my stroke and cum game with you, I think it’d be only fair to give you a break with some chastity.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without cumming? How long do you think it’d be before you’d want to even think about stroking your cock after a workout like this? I know you’d be sore for at least a week, and probably another week before you’d built back up the urge to jerk off. So how does six weeks of chastity sound? Or a nice round 100 days kept chaste. I bet you’d be willing to beg to play another game of stroke and cum after 100 days in chastity for me.

Let’s play a game together! Stroke and cum for me, and then we’ll explore extreme chastity together; it’ll be fun!

Listen to Ms. Harper

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Click here to call Mistress Harper
or call 800-601-6975
for an erotic phone sex session
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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CFNM Party in the Virtual World

You know that you love to be naked in front of sexy ladies like the Mistresses in our virtual world, so why not join them June 9th from 7pm-9pm eastern for a special event just for you, CFNM fans.

Strip down and have some fun with your cock hanging out, swinging all around. The ladies will be enjoying their view and who knows, you may just win a prize for your nakedness!

There will be some fun things to do during the event and, of course, lots of hot dancing. Think about your naked body on display for all to see while dancing with a gorgeous Mistress. Will she tease that cock with her sexy dance moves? Will she touch it and make it grow? Will the ladies just totally fondle you and enjoy your exposed cock? You will have to join us to find all this out!

We will be lining those naked men up at the end of the night and giving those cocks the once over before handing out some awesome prizes, so for you, cock tease fans who love to be naked in front of a group of women, this is an event just for you!

This is a special event for you to get naked for us, so don’t miss this chance. Normally we do not allow nudity on our sim, we ask you to keep those cocks in your pants, or panties, hehehehe, but for this one special, sexy night, you get to show us everything!

If you are not yet in world, check out our blog page on how to join us here,  and come visit us in world we will be happy to help you with anything you need.

See you there in all your naked exposed glory!

CFNM party in out virtual world! Cum get naked for us!

call 800-601-6975
for an erotic phone sex session
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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