Guided Masturbation With Empress Victoria

What can I say? Making a man all worked up, breathless and frustrated over me, totally makes my day. Taunting and teasing you is pure entertainment for a devious brat such as me. I understand how weak you are when it comes to the opposite sex, and there is nothing as powerful as using this knowledge against each and every one of you. I love it when I’m outside the front of my house cleaning my car and I catch you staring out your front window watching me. You think you are being discreet by hiding behind the curtains but you really don’t realize how much fumbling you’re doing to make the curtains move. Besides it never fails, every time I’m outside the same thing keeps happening. I just have to giggle to myself because of how hard I must make you to risk looking like a dum dum everytime I’m out there doing something.

Did you think it was an accident that I had to bend all the way over with my tight butt aimed right at your house while I was looking for change on the floor of my car? No silly, it’s because I knew you were hiding there stroking yourself while you watched me bend and clean. You deserve to be cock teased for being such a pervert and watching me. But I will admit, if I were a guy with a boring wife in a boring suburb, with a neighbor who looked like me, I’d be a stroker boy too. Oh and I’m sure that I am your jump start every morning as you watch me set off down the street for my morning jog in my adorable little shorts and tight fitting tees. It’s sure to get the blood flowing and pumping, even if it’s not where it’s supposed to be *giggle*. But don’t fool yourself stroker boy, I’ve known all along that you’ve had the hots for me and I love to tease you every single day. You think you’re slick and that I haven’t got a clue, but all this time I’ve been playing you, making you fantasize about me more and more everyday.

Be careful what you wish for stroker boy, the next thing you know I might have you jumping through all kinds of hoops for me and exploiting you for my own personal gain.

Guided masturbation sessions with Empress Victoria 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Ms. Olivia

You will need talcum powder for this masturbation session.  If you don’t have talc, you can also use cornstarch.  No lube for you this time.  I’m going to be right here with you … watching … getting turned on by watching you masturbate for Me according to My Instructions.

Now, lean back …. Sprinkle some talc on your fingers ….. rub your fingers on the underside of your penis.  Only touch one side of your penis.  You’re rubbing your fingers on the very sensitive vein that runs from your balls up to your cockhead.  Don’t touch the side that’s closest to your belly….you can put the palm of your hand on the length of your shaft and slide your palm up and down…..but do not touch the *front * side of your penis.

Keep rubbing….only the underside.  That’s it, you’re doing a VERY good job.  Ohhhh, I see you starting to squirm a bit.  <giggle>   Now, resist the need to close your whole hand around your shaft.  Do Not Do It.  Just rub.  I want you to use just your fingers and/or the palm of your hand on that one side of your shaft.  How do you feel?  How does your cock feel?  How do your balls feel?  Did you EVER know there were so many uses for talcum powder … or cornstarch for that matter!

I know you want to cum, I know you do.  I can see it in your face….and everywhere else.  Click the button below to see if you get to cum.

Guided masturbation sessions with Ms. Olivia 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Princess Britany

This is your tanned and leggy Princess from the valley. It’s time for your tease session, and I hope you stroke it good. I’ll deny orgasm if you dont . Now you do want to cum for me dont you?

Focus on my long french manicured fingernails and imagine them lightly grazing up and down your cock. First I will use all five, then I will use four, then three, and so on, until I get to my pinky finger. That pinky finger will focus on the tip of that cock, swirling all of that precum . Just imagine that, can you? Then close your eyes and do it, imagining you have my hands and nails on that cock.

Now I want you to carefully heat up some lube being careful not to get it too hot, then pour that lube in an already lubricated condom. Close those eyes and imagine that soft sweet pussy of mine clutching that hard on of yours. No you will not cum in that pussy, Im simply teasing you with a few long strokes. Good boy!

Now with eyes closed, twist that hard cock in a tight fist imagining you at my feet on your knees, my long toes enjoying your mouth. I love to hear you beg for more of my pussy, I love denying you that pussy so much too. Now stroke harder and harder. Stop. Im going to file my thumb nail. After it’s filed, I tell you to stroke again. I’m going to file all of my nails. The last nail will determine…will you cum for me???

Guided masturbation sessions with Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Princess Lilah

So are you ready to hurt for me?  Ache for Me, Cry for me?  I sure hope so because that is what I like for you to do.  Today I want you to shop for some rubber gloves, not latex but thick rubber.  I want you to get some lube, use lots and coat your cock with it.  I want you to stroke at a fast pace for five rminutes, moving your hand up and down your well lubed cock, long strokes from the base and over the head, just do this for five minutes or until you can not stand it anymore.  Now Stop, lube your indext finger and move down to the crack of your sweet bottom.
Now I know some men are dead set against putting anything into their tight asses and others are all for it,lube up your gloved hand and just tease over the entrances, very slow, very gently and if you get the urge then push your finger in and out of your tight tight ass, now if you dont like that just tease up and down the area between your balls and your ass, you have to enjoy this or you are numb.

Now take and just lube that cock again for slow strokes, use that gloved hand to move up and down the shaft at a slow pace, very soft, gentle, easy and long strokes.  Just keep that cock nice and hard for me, easy and slow, dont get it to the point of wanting to cum, just keep it nice and hard.  Now stop for five minutes.  Get ready, we are almost done and you are going to see if you are going to be allowed to cum!  Wrap your hand around your cock, all lubed, with the glove and now move your hips, stroke your cock back and forth between your fingers, fast, hard, steady but only by moving your hips, working them, fucking your hand…….faster now, get to the edge, but dont you dare cum, ride the edge until you cant stand it anymore……..now are you aready?  Do you want to cum?  Hmmmm well let’s see if you get to, click the button below!

Guided masturbation with Priness Lilah 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Princess Lilah

I know you have been thinking about me for a long time.  How could you not, a sexy, little Princess that knows exactly how to mold you into her perfect stroker boy.  You know how it feels when I wrap my hand around you and make you enjoy every single stroke I allow you to experience.  So today my little stroker boy, we are going to experience a bit of guided masturbation and when you get so turned on that you can’t stand it,  we will stop and then continue again.  ~giggle~

First off, get lubed up,  I want you to get comfortable, have a towel, turn down the lights and just relaxed.  You can play one of my audio’s, I will have one on my bog for you to enjoy or the free audio forum.  Hear me as I tell you how to tease up and down the shaft, gentle strokes at first, then faster, harder bring that cock to the edge, over and over.  That’s right, I want you to bring that cock to a build up, start sliding your hand up and down the shaft slow for 3 minutes, then up and down faster, going over the head and back down for one minute, then finish the last minute with edging, riding the wave, feeling the build and enjoying every stroke but DO NOT CUM.  I want you to continue this until you have edged 5 times, if it takes you longer to stroke to the edge, then add time, if shorter stroking time is required, fine, just don’t cum yet!

Now that you have heard me encouraging you, bringing you to the edge, time and time again it is time for you to see what I have in store for you.  Will I let you cum, or not?  Click below and see what your Stroke Princess has to say! ~giggle~

Guided Masturbation sessions with Princess Lilah 800-601-6975

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