Tease and denial

Prick Tease Mistress Piper Makes Your Balls Ache

You crave Ms. Piper to give you achy balls.

Let ME take control!

Achy balls. Two of my favorite things!

Oh, how much fun is it to squeeze a pair of overripe plums and see the juice dripping out of your cock? Clean that up, boy. You know better than to stain my sofa! And I said clean up the juice, not stroke the stick! If you touch your cock, then I’ll stop touching it, and I assure you: you’d much rather feel my soft and skilled hands on your cock.

I can’t help watching you with fascination as I stroke you fast–pump, pump, pump–and then slowly, slowly, slowly. Hah. I made your pupils dilate.

A nice little squirt of oil on the tip, watching it and feeling it drip down your shaft, rubbing it into the base of your cock, going round and round–then zip! a nice quick upstroke. I go hand over hand over hand very quickly, and you damn near pass out. When I stop stroking and just rub the tip with my thumb, it starts feeling so good, hen it gets intense. Prick Tease Mistress Piper knows how to make you sweat!

Oh, now you’re squirming because I’m driving you a little insane with my focused stimulation. Good. That’s exactly what I wanted!

Then I lube up your cock again and put your dick between my two palms. One hand slides up while the other hand slides down, over and over again. It’s like a mind fuck for your rock hard denied cock. It’s too much for you, and you begin begging me to just put you out of your misery and allow you to cum already!

Hmmm….I’m not sure you deserve to cum! I think you should call me so I can decide what you deserve. After all, if you want me to guide your masturbation, then you need to let me take full control!


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Trying to hide your unruly cock from the girls?

Your unruly cockThrough the Cloth – Your Unruly Cock

You know how when you were in school, you rubbed your dick through your jeans? It was debatable whether you were trying to feel good or hide your unruly cock from the girls who seemed to be everywhere. When you hid your hard-on with books, you pressed those against your cock, too, didn’t you. (Don’t deny it. I know you did!)

When you were in college, you found more time and outlets to masturbate, but it still felt so good to press on your dick through your clothes. Even if you were able to have sex finally, it wasn’t enough to keep you from getting hard all the time. Hiding it again in classes or walking to the library.

Even now at work under the desk, you use the heel of your hand to press on your cock, pushing it downward, only to feel it slide back up again… you doing a sort of sideways stroking dance. Over and over again. Oops! Do you feel the wet in your underwear? Did you drip some pre-cum? Maybe you are stimulating yourself a tad too much.

It’s become a habit, that type of enjoying your personal toy… your dick… hasn’t it. While it might usually be reserved for when you are out, some of you seem to have really gotten into a place of not being able get aroused without this nudging cat & mouse game.

And ohhhhhh, do I love watching it.

Talk about tease & denial! You sitting there on your lounge chair, cam on a hard surface in front of you, with me watching.

Um… keep that dick IN your pants, boy. I want to watch you press and rub. I want you to make it so hard your balls start hurting. I want you to feel wet from pre-cum in there.

I want to see if you can even cum this way.


When we turn that cam off, I am sure you will strip and stroke faster than I can say, “Don’t touch it!”

At least I was able to deny you for quite awhile, right?

laughing at your suffering

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Tickling and Teasing Your Cock

Teasing your cock is fun when you add a little bit of tickling to the game.

Tickling and teasing your cock is so much fun for Ms. Simone!

Tickling and teasing you!

First off, it would not be teasing at all if you could easily escape my grasp. This is why you are going to be handcuffed and teased. I can’t just have you wiggling away whenever you want. What fun would that be for Me? So, I put you in your favorite chair completely naked. I also make sure to tie up your cock and balls nice and tight and include a cock ring so you don’t go losing your erection when the tickling begins.

You look like a New Years holiday package, all tied up and pretty.

I start by putting on some music and stripping for you. I want you to be rock hard for me. Then, I pick out my favorite peacock feather and run it over my own body. You watch it with a bit of fear and anticipation. Then I straddle your thighs, letting my wet pussy rub against them. I take the peacock feather and tickle the back of your knees.

I feel you jump and jerk a bit against me.

I then whisper in your ear, “Does that tickle?” while I tickle you a bit harder.

Before you know it, you are laughing and crying and begging for me to stop. It’s a good thing we figured out what your safe word was before hand. I just hope I can remember it….

I’m having so much fun tickling you that I rub myself against your thigh until I am able to cum from your teasing tickling torture. I guess, since I already came, this story will be one of tease and denial. I whisper this in your ear as I get up from your lap and put away my feather.

You watch me as I get dressed, but before I leave, I remove the handcuffs and pour cold water over your cock.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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Tease and Denial Hand Job

What’s better than a tease and denial hand job?

Tease and Denial!

Tease and Denial!

I know, it may not sound like a fun thing to you, but it sounds absolutely incredible to me! Imagine, if you will, the frustration of trying not to get rock hard. You have been wanting to fuck me all day. We spent the whole day shopping. You were such a good man and waited while I found the perfect pair of shoes. You were rather frustrated, as I wore a very hot dress. I kept bending over throughout the day. Needless to say, you were very frustrated all day long.

We finally get home and all I want to do is cuddle next to you.

I know, I can be such a cock tease.

It feels great to feel my body next to yours, but I keep complaining that I’m tired from all the shopping. You try to encourage me by nibbling on my neck. You know it really excites me when you tease me in this fashion. You also know when I get excited, you tend to respond in kind.

You feel me fumble with your zipper and pull out your cock.

Of course, your cock is rock hard. You love it when I touch your cock for any reason whatsoever. You feel me rubbing your cock. I have such soft beautiful hands. It feels so incredible when I touch your cock. You love a good hand job from me. You also love when I rub up against you while giving you a hand job.

The phone rings and you beg me not to answer it.

It is, of course, too late. I do answer it, I have to take the call. It’s my boss and you watch as I walk away.

You have been teased, denied and blue balled.

I love teasing your cock!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone




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Mistress Harper Loves a Tease Slut

I love to tease the hell out of stroker sluts like you.  More women should learn to tease men just like you, too. 

There’s something so lovely about having a man, a tease slut, at my utter mercy. So often in this world, males wind up thinking that they’re in charge of everything around them, up to and including the women around them. How many times have we all seen the CEO demand of his secretary that she humble herself and perform demeaning, Corporate tease slut will get on his knees for Mistress Harper.menial tasks on a daily basis? Every day, all around our nation, some puffed up wanna-be alpha male tries to inflate his own ego at the cost of the women around him.

It’s all a facade, a flimsy front in an attempt to hide the tease slut within.

The truth of the situation is that the so-called Alpha male in his fancy office, strutting around and ordering his secretary to make him a cup of coffee (non-dairy creamer, Sweet-N-Low; he’s got a bad heart and needs to watch his intake), secretly yearns to be kneeling in front of his lovely secretary accepting her commands and tease instructions. That poor CEO, middle manager, business man in a shitty suit, all he wants is to kneel and be told to tease his cock for her. If only she knew it, too.

Tease slut corporate whores like you need to be directed and controlled.

I’d love to take a hidden tease slut like you and put you to work at the feet of your own secretary. Her impeccable shoes, thigh highs, that lovely business suit, her manicured nails, and above all else, the satisfied smile when you pant and moan for her, right on cue.

Tease slut stroker whores like you should probably follow my blog and Tumblr.

xoxo, Harper





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