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Extreme Cock control with Mistress Sonali

Extreme Cock control with Mistress Sonali

You are a chronic masturbator, a stroker slut and a real cum junkie! How many times a day do you wack off? 5, 10, 15 or more? When do you find the time…oh, wait, you find the time because each session only takes you about a minute, doesn’t it? Well, you’ve come to me for training and since your masturbation is extreme, I think some extreme cock control is in order.

Teasing to orgasm

You’re going to start by getting naked for me. I need to see what I have to work with. Your cock is already hard and dripping pre-cum, just thinking about what is about to happen next. Start slowly stroking, with just your thumb and your forefinger. After every 20 strokes you’re going to reach down and fondle your balls for 30 seconds. We’ll do that for ten minutes. Then, I want you to grab that cock and just go to town. Are you ready to cum? Are you right there on the edge? Just one more stroke is going to send you over, so give it that last…one…stroke. NOW TAKE YOUR HAND OFF MY COCK! Oh poor stroker, did I ruin your orgasm? The jism is just dripping out. Did I leave you wanting? Are you still horny? That’s good. Now get down on your hands and knees and lick all that cum off the floor!

Ruined orgasms for you

You know what I like about ruined orgasms? You’re still hard and horny. So we’re going to start all over again. 5 more ruined orgasms for you, and you’re going to clean up your mess after each one. By the fifth one those balls should be pretty empty, but you still want to cum don’t you? Well, stroke for me  It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? You’ve cum so much but you still haven’t gotten that orgasm and now no matter how you stroke, no matter what technique you use, it’s just out of your reach. That mind blowing orgasm is never going to be obtained by you! Don’t worry, you wanted to cum and you’re going to keep on stroking until you do!

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An all day tease from Ms Constance

One thing I have loved doing to men in my personal life is an all day tease. I do this in many ways and in the most unexpected places, picture spending the day with me only to be made hard and aching all day long.

Starting with the drive, I would slip my hand over and make that cock rock hard squeezing it through your pants until you could take no more and beg me to stop. As soon as you think you’re safe and your hard on has subsided enough not to embarrass you in public we would head into the store only to find me starting up that tease again by rubbing my ass against you as you stand behind me in a line, very subtle so as not to attract others attention but enough to make your cock grow again. I can hear it now. You’re struggling to keep your composure as you pay the cute check out girl…and on the walk back out to the car you would be saying “I can’t believe you did that to me in the store”, just to be met with some laughter and me saying “awwwwww poor baby are you getting horny?”

Another ride to lunch and me grabbing your cock again only this time pulling it out of your pants and stroking it in my bare hand, edging your cock to the point where you are unable to concentrate on the road and moaning and grunting only to have me stuff that hard dick back into your pants and say pay attention to the road sweetie. As we park the car and get out you look at me with those horny desperate eyes only to have me wink at you as I walk into the diner.

Sitting across from you using only my bare foot to run up and down the inside of your leg, sliding it up to your crotch, feeling your semi hard cock still excited from the ride, I begin to rub your now growing cock with my foot. Just as you are beginning to enjoy it you feel me pull it away because the server walked up. Oh, I love the look on a man’s face when all he can think about is cumming yet he can’t and has to actually talk to someone while hard and aching to cum. Watching you close your eyes when she walks away taking a deep breath and trying to compose yourself saying how unfair it is of me to get you this way in public only makes it more of a thrill for me. I allow you a cool down before once again slipping my toes up to your crotch and rubbing until your cock is again hard and throbbing and whispering across the table look how hard my nipples are and my panties are soaking wet from teasing your cock. You let out a moan as I slip my foot away because our lunch arrived leaving you once again on the edge of orgasm to just be denied.

The rest of the day would be a ton of the same thing your cock being brought to the edge only to be denied that explosive orgasm. BUT if you’re a very good boy when we get home I might just let you cum for me……but you will have to get through the all day tease to find that out hehehehehehehe.

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Ms Courtney’s very naughty assignment for you

Hello gentlemen! The weather is getting warmer and spring is on the way! At least I hope it’s getting warm where you are. And I’ve got a very naughty assignment for you today. But I have to tell you it does involve some semi-public nudity. Now if you have a fenced backyard this will be no problem for you. But if you don’t you’re going to have to find a  way to get out in nature and be somewhat secluded. This part you’ll have to figure out on your own, since I don’t know what the terrain is like in your area.
Depending on where you are you may want to bring along a beach towel or something similar, heck you can even pack a nice little lunch for yourself! And don’t forget to bring along your lube or any a sex toys you might want. I want you to pick a sunny day to do this little assignment, because there’s nothing quite like being kissed by the sun while you are completely nude. And what’s even better than that, is stroking in the sun! And yes, that’s right, I want you to have a masturbation picnic! Just make sure the spot is private and secluded. As long as no one can see you, what’s the harm? And if you’re in the privacy of your own backyard, you are well within your rights to be naked. Now if you have nosy neighbors who like to look through the slats in the fence, you may want to proceed with caution but that is entirely up to you and your particular situation.

And if you want a little company…


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The Movie Theater Game

Remember my little tale the other day about fun tease and denial games? This particular game was set in the movie theater and you were jerking off for me and for a number of unsuspecting movie patrons. If you don’t you can catch up on the first half of my story over at my blog


Of course it turns out they weren’t unsuspecting for long.

The second time I made you pull out your cock and stroke it, I noticed a few women several seats down in the same row. I smiled and winked and saw them all giggle furiously. Hearing the laughter, you blush furiously, your hand slowing on your cock.

A sharp look from me makes you continue and I know you are getting close again. I do love this tease and denial game. There is something about having complete cock control that just drives me wild. And it drives you wild too, doesn’t it?

I can see you straining to hold on to some sanity as I make you take your hands off your cock once more. I gesture at the women in our row and within seconds they are sitting next to us, examining you like a piece of meat.

I quickly explain the situation and they giggle once more, nodding their heads in approval of my little scheme.

Once again, I make you start stroking but the ante has been upped. After all, now I’m going to make you do this in front of strangers. The thought is absolutely delicious and I command you to spread your legs as much as the seat will allow, giving the women a good view.

They all laugh and chat about your cock and how hard it is and how you are being such a good boy. They inquire about whether I will let you cum and you look at me eagerly as if I will actually give you the answer. I just shake my head and look coy.

Of course, now you are getting off too easy. Well, not getting off exactly but you know what I mean. So I make you stand up with your pants around your ankles and start jerking off. A bit of a commotion occurs in the theater and as you look around, you discover that the audience is entirely women. Embarrassment flushes your cheeks as you jerk off in front of all these women…how humiliating

I stand up and explain the situation and ask the women whether I should let you come or not. The cheers of ‘yes’ outweigh the no’s and I nod my head, finally allowing you some relief. I hold something up as you groan, your cum spurting everywhere.

When you are spent, everyone turns their attention back to the movie. You sit down and thank me ever so graciously.

I smile, knowing that I let you off a bit easy. Or did I?

I hand you the bag of popcorn as I turn my attentions back to the movie. You notice that your gooey cum is now coating the top.

First time for everything, darling.

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All Tied up with Mistress Holly

All Tied up with Mistress Holly Welcome to my humble abode, puppet. You are in for a real treat tonight. You
are going to have fun on my brand spanking new bed. Imagine my luscious
chocolate sheets and cushy foam mattress. Go ahead and strip for me. I want
to see every inch of you.

I’m going to stay fully dressed of course. All dolled up in a fantastic
black plush babydoll with fur edges, tiny black thong and tall toeless

I instruct you to lay back on the bed, head on my huge overstuffed goose
down pillows. Lay flat on the luscious duvet and lay quiet. I am going to
light some candles, a stick of incense and put the lights out. I hope you
realize you are totally under my control.

If this concept is hard to grasp now. it won’t be for long. I pull up from
the corners of the bed these little black straps. I begin by tying your
right foot and then right leg to the posts of the bed. You begin to shift
and giggle. I give you a stern look that this is no game. Shush! I will be
the only one giggling tonight!

I move to the opposite side of the bed and tie up your left leg and arm.

Do you feel vulnerable? You should.

The first thing I do is grab another black strap from under the bed. This
one is going over your eyes. With this on you will have no idea what
direction I am coming from. Now you fully understand the foam mattress as
it doesn’t give away my position at all.

I start with a long feather, barely touching your right kneecap, tracing up
your inner thigh, then lifted. Left kneecap going in the same direction,
just before your crotch it is lifted.

Then I crawl between your legs and blow hot breath right on the tip of your
cock. Then it is gone.

Then I gently give you a kiss across your lips and my nails drag down your

Hmm, this is getting me very excited. When you are ready to pick this story
up and see what happens next, call me!

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