Tease and Denial with Empress Simone

The art of the tease is pretty simple for Me. All that is needed is a
great deal of desire and then just add a touch of lust and presto,
instant bliss is achieved. It is harder
for a man to tease and deny than a woman. It almost goes against the
very nature of a man to deny a woman what she wants. Why would he
ever want to deny her? So I feel if a man can tease and deny himself,
he will be pretty incredible in bed. One thing I truly enjoy is when
it is mutual. If both partners are in a place where neither party can
leave, then the fun can really begin.

If you wish for it to be a mutual session of tease and denial then I
suggest being sexually frustrated in public places. An example of
this would be taking your lover to a place where you will not be able
to touch her. One of the things I absolutely love to do is to wear
bright panties and a flirty skirt. I wear clothing where you can just
barely see the lace on My thigh highs. It gives my lover an idea of
what he might be able to expect later on while we are alone in my

Of course it also doesn’t help his frustration when I accidentally
flip the back of My skirt up so he sees My bright pink satin panties
framing my firm ass.

What can I say, I live to inspire….
I look forward to speaking to you soon and inspiring you with my mind,
body and voice.

I Love My clients and would Love to take you to the very edge of bliss…
Call 1 800 356 6169
Yahoo messenger: the_empress_simone

Must be 18+
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Guided Masturbation with Empress Delia

Tease and Denial is my way of teasing a man mercilessly to the brink of orgasm over and over again and never actually giving him any relief. The extended erotic agony of no relief for the man, although it is extremely frustrating, can also be blissfully enjoyable to me! I know I am powerful enough to tease and deny you enough so you will end up being putty in my hands!

I love to engage in much tease and denial for hours.  I torment because I can; because I want to, and I love every second of it! I love knowing how you suffer for me because of my instruction!

My favorite is a sub who cries, truly begging to cum, yet struggling with the desire to cum; not wanting to cum at the same time because he knows it will displease me. A good sub will go through begging and negotiating, but will succumb to my needs.  I will keep him denied until I want to hear his release, and not a moment before that. He will never stroke until I tell him to do so!

I love a sub that can lie in bed and follow each and every one of my instructions to edge himself for two or more hours, then beg me for an intense orgasmic release. This makes me giddy because I can deny him again, and again! This part is the best, when I know the blue balls will start! I know that the ache will prevent sleeping. The throbbing just won’t go away all night.

~ Ms. Delia ~

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Guided Masturbation With Empress Victoria

What can I say? Making a man all worked up, breathless and frustrated over me, totally makes my day. Taunting and teasing you is pure entertainment for a devious brat such as me. I understand how weak you are when it comes to the opposite sex, and there is nothing as powerful as using this knowledge against each and every one of you. I love it when I’m outside the front of my house cleaning my car and I catch you staring out your front window watching me. You think you are being discreet by hiding behind the curtains but you really don’t realize how much fumbling you’re doing to make the curtains move. Besides it never fails, every time I’m outside the same thing keeps happening. I just have to giggle to myself because of how hard I must make you to risk looking like a dum dum everytime I’m out there doing something.

Did you think it was an accident that I had to bend all the way over with my tight butt aimed right at your house while I was looking for change on the floor of my car? No silly, it’s because I knew you were hiding there stroking yourself while you watched me bend and clean. You deserve to be cock teased for being such a pervert and watching me. But I will admit, if I were a guy with a boring wife in a boring suburb, with a neighbor who looked like me, I’d be a stroker boy too. Oh and I’m sure that I am your jump start every morning as you watch me set off down the street for my morning jog in my adorable little shorts and tight fitting tees. It’s sure to get the blood flowing and pumping, even if it’s not where it’s supposed to be *giggle*. But don’t fool yourself stroker boy, I’ve known all along that you’ve had the hots for me and I love to tease you every single day. You think you’re slick and that I haven’t got a clue, but all this time I’ve been playing you, making you fantasize about me more and more everyday.

Be careful what you wish for stroker boy, the next thing you know I might have you jumping through all kinds of hoops for me and exploiting you for my own personal gain.

Guided masturbation sessions with Empress Victoria 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Empress Josephine

Every morning I wake up horny. I bet you do too, don’t you? A long time ago I began masturbating before I get out of bed. So my morning regime includes a special friend I can my Magic Wand. Even if I have a boy toy with me I still want the intense vibration of my Magic Wand, however he can help in other ways. This morning you’re going to be my boy toy. Together we’ll masturbate.

Imagine me lying in my big beautiful bed completely naked. I always sleep naked. I might go to bed wearing something sexy, however some time in the night I peel it off. I love to feel the cool breeze from my ceiling fan on my flesh. You come and wake me up with an aromatic cup of java. Hmmmmm my favorite. I stick my finger into the warm coffee and then I place my finger in your mouth. “Want a taste lover?” My smoky blue eyes staring into your eyes as I take that same finger and put it between my legs on my slippery wet pussy. I allow the slippery fluids to collect in two fingers. I then bring them up to your nose, wave my scent for you to savor before placing them into your mouth. “Does that taste good my lover?”

I reach over and grab my Magic Wand and place it against my clit. You stroke with your right hand, however I grab your hand and pull it to my wet pussy. With the magic wand in place I slip your finger inside of me. Lets cum together.

Guided masturbation sessions with Empress Josephine 800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation with Princess Britany

This is your tanned and leggy Princess from the valley. It’s time for your tease session, and I hope you stroke it good. I’ll deny orgasm if you dont . Now you do want to cum for me dont you?

Focus on my long french manicured fingernails and imagine them lightly grazing up and down your cock. First I will use all five, then I will use four, then three, and so on, until I get to my pinky finger. That pinky finger will focus on the tip of that cock, swirling all of that precum . Just imagine that, can you? Then close your eyes and do it, imagining you have my hands and nails on that cock.

Now I want you to carefully heat up some lube being careful not to get it too hot, then pour that lube in an already lubricated condom. Close those eyes and imagine that soft sweet pussy of mine clutching that hard on of yours. No you will not cum in that pussy, Im simply teasing you with a few long strokes. Good boy!

Now with eyes closed, twist that hard cock in a tight fist imagining you at my feet on your knees, my long toes enjoying your mouth. I love to hear you beg for more of my pussy, I love denying you that pussy so much too. Now stroke harder and harder. Stop. Im going to file my thumb nail. After it’s filed, I tell you to stroke again. I’m going to file all of my nails. The last nail will determine…will you cum for me???

Guided masturbation sessions with Princess Britany 800-601-6975

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