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Guided Masturbation with Princess Heather

So you want to stroke that cock for your phone sex Princess, do you? Well, consider that to be a privilege if I say yes! :giggle:  Just because your Princess enjoys watching stroker boys jerk their cocks off for her, doesn’t mean she always says yes!  Although, I will admit, it is more fun to say yes and then watch those boys suffer with blue balls and hard cocks when they are denied the ultimate release… an intense orgasm.  Or, sometimes I prefer to tease them and torture them even more with forcing them to have a ruined orgasm.  Aaah yes, those cries and moans of agony and pleasure are music to my ears!

Alright, so you’re ready to stroke for me then? Go ahead and take out that cock.  In fact, I want you to strip down, totally naked.  I don’t care if you feel exposed… that adds to the excitement for me.  Strip down naked!  That’s much better.  Now, squeeze a generous amount of lubricant on that cock, get it nice and slippery.  I want you to stroke your cock completely from the balls to the tip, making slow, long strokes, with a good rhythm.  Mmmm I’ll bet that feels really good, doesn’t it?  Now, move your hand a little faster.  I want you to close your eyes and picture me, in nothing but a fig leaf covering my pussy and my tits ::giggle::  Stroke that cock a little faster.  Imagine the wind blowing hard and fast, and taking away those fig leaves, leaving me completely naked, with my arm covering my breasts and  my other hand covering my pussy… giggling at you while you stroke faster.  I want you pumping that hand faster and faster, until you feel like you are going to burst.  When you think you can’t hold off any longer, then click this link and find out what your fate is!

Guided Masturbation sessions with Princess Heather 800-61-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute

Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Lauren

Hello stroker boys! Your prick is so hard, you’re aching to take it out and rub it for me, aren’t you? Before you do, though, you’ll need a couple of things. I want you to get some plastic wrap and some lube. Heat up the lube a little, rub it on your rock hard cock. After you grease it up good, take a piece of the plastic and wrap your dick up. I want you to take a separate piece and put a little lube on it and wrap your balls. Hold down the plastic with one hand, then stroke with the other feeling the slip and slide of the lube. Go faster, faster! When you feel the cum bubbling up, slow down and rub your plastic wrapped balls. When the edge is off, start again, beating your cock into submission. Faster, faster, then stop and move to your balls. Over and over, I want you to bring yourself to the edge for me. When you can’t take anymore, click the button below to discover the fate of your orgasm…

For guided masturbation sessions with Ms Lauren call 800-356-6169

Guided Masturbation Instructions from Ms Lilah

Hi Strokers!

I am going to tell you what to do so that you can have, hmmmm shall we say a chilling experience! ~giggle~  I want you to have lots of lube close by and a bowl of ice, it can be cubes or crushed, I would think crush to give the best effect and no, they are not going into any private holes ~giggle~

Get comfortable, put the large bowl of ice close to you on a table or desk, just out of the way for now.  Get your cock lubed.  I want you to stroke as you usually do, what ever feels the best for you and do so until you are edging, keep the feeling for a minute or how ever long you can edge, don’t cum, stop before you do.  Rest 5 minutes.  Then start again.  Do this 3 times but when you feel like you are going to cum  the thrid time I want you click below and see what that ice is for, see if you do get to cum ~giggle~

Stroke Princess,
~ 888-210-0436~

Guided Masturbation Instructions with Guest Mistress Ms. Cassandra

Yes it’s been awhile since I stepped in and teased the hell out of that cock of yours. Let’s now tease, and if you’re good, please that cock, hmmmmmm?
Get that lube ready, take all of those clothes off , and get that cock in hand. You have a nice cock too , sweet boy with the big cum filled balls. Let me fondle those balls as you stroke softly. My long fingernails are grazing and tickling those balls. How long has it been since you have cum, horny stroker boy? If you’re good and last a few hours, I may just give you a hot lingerie show. Now stroke faster as I get my long strand of pearls , encircling that stiffie. That lube really adds to the slipperiness of these pearls, now squeeze, squeeze harder, and stop. Oh grueling wasn’t it now…now again, stroke very slow, twist the hand around and relax again. Now give me those pearls…mmmm…wet they are. I’m putting them around my neck and Im going to rub them into my skin. Now stroke that cock and twist like a barber pole…twist it , slowly and pace faster……ohhhh want to cum my cock stroking hard and horny boy?

 For guided masturbation sessions with Ms Cassandra call:

Mistress Cassandra

Guided Masturbation Instructions with Guest Mistress Ms. Dallas

Look at the little stroker boy. Just dying to stroke, aren’t you? Lube up and strip off those clothes.

Start with the nipples. Stroke them until they get really hard. Then move to the balls and stroke firmly. Be sure to massage that very sensitive spot underneath the balls. Now wrap your hand around that hard cock and begin stroking. Start with medium speed, but increase it until you are stroking as fast as you can without cumming.

Keep stroking as fast as you can for 2 minutes, then click the button for final instructions.













For guided masturbation sessions with Ms Dallas call 888-232-1467

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