Extreme cock teasing for the holiday season

Simone’s Holiday Party  Tease Mafia style teasing

Holiday Teasing!

It’s time to put extreme cock teasing into the holiday season.  Time to pull out those velvet short dresses that show off the summer curves that you have missed seeing.   Eggnog with a bit of cinnamon and hot spice is twice as nice when I’m slowly sipping it while you watch me from across the room.    I wear the cutest red velvet Christmas dress, with white fluff on the outer sleeves and end of the skirt.  I look like a winter slutty elf as I serve the ‘nog during my holiday party.

I notice you staring from across the room.

“You’re new,” I think, so I turn around and bend over so you can see my lacy white garter and stockings.    All my friends, of course, know my reindeer games.  It is most likely why you were invited to my little party game.   I like new prey to tempt and tease.  It pleases me to have new sex toys, so I always tell my girlfriends to invite new single guys to my parties to play with.

I pop back up and walk over to you, smiling with glee.

You start to stutter a bit as you speak to me.  This pleases me more.  I take a straw to mix my ‘nog, then pull out the straw and run my tongue along the straw.  It makes you think how good I would be at sucking your cock.

NEWSFLASH!!!  I’m an excellent Cock Sucker, but you’ll never know…

I tease you with my expert cock sucking skills by speaking to you and casually licking my straw.   Then, I tease you more by walking away without telling you why.  I am close enough for you to hear my conversation though.  I tell this girl in which I speak how desperately I wanted to have a cock in my mouth.  It’s just a pity I didn’t know anyone I could suck on.

Then I put on some music and twerk the night away.

I might rub up against you when I dance. I might even wink at you, but other than that, you get absolutely no action.

Tell me, what sort of lines would you use to try to get me in bed, or at least away from my friends?  Feel free to leave comments in the Comment Field!!

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