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Here in South Carolina, it’s still nice and hot, which means all of us sexy cock teasing southern girls are still wearing our cutoff shorts and tube tops, even when we hit the library for a little bit of the old research.

I can’t help myself. I’m always getting obsessed about one subject or another–which means hitting the library! Of course, it’s always fun to get disapproving glances from all of the librarians and frumpy women roaming the stacks. It’s even more fun when men like you give me the side-eye and try to pretend you’re not staring.

Coming inside after walking around in the southern heat, my tube top doesn’t leave much to the imagination as my nips suddenly get hard as little plum pits from the air conditioning. Of course I see you looking.

Did you get a chubby in your pants when I pulled my hair up and fanned the back of my neck, arching my back and pushing my sweet little tits out there for anyone to see?

A natural cocktease like me knows you have a tent in your jeans just as you hurriedly scurry away. And of course I saw you stalking me as I wandered around the shelves, bending over and picking up my papers when I dropped them.

To your credit, you only stared at my ass exposed by my way-too-short shorts, although I suspect you only came rushing over to get a better view of my shorts crammed between my legs. That’s okay, though, because you were so sweet and helped me get all of my papers back in my folder, I made sure I gave you a little peek down my top. From the look on your face, you really appreciated it!

You were so cute when you followed me out to my car. I walked over to you, gave your hard-on a little pat, and gave you a little wink. I know what you’ll be doing after I leave!

Call me a cocktease all you want, but don’t try to tell me you don’t like it!

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Cock Teased to Orgasm: To Be or Not To Be?

                                                               Ms. Cindy Wants To Bring You Close To Orgasm

Will Ms. Cindy Tease You to Orgasm?

You are such a naughty boy, aren’t you?  I realize you can’t stop thinking about last night…how you were repeatedly brought to the edge of orgasm.  Nothing excites me more than bringing you close to orgasm and then suddenly stopping the music.  So yes, to answer your next question.  This means more masturbating for you on command.

I enjoy the power exchange involved in not allowing you to cum.  Rule number one, no more unsupervised masturbation, and you will only orgasm with explicit permission from me.  From now on, orgasm denial is going to be part of my sexy teasing.  Nothing is better for the submissive soul than a good cock tease at least twice/day.

Being Naked Makes Cock Teasing Better

Get undressed.  If you’re to be cock teased I prefer you naked with aroused penis in hand.  I could care less if it’s an awkward time for this…it just makes the tease that much better.  Try not to pre-cum too much.  If you do, however, you are expected to consume it.  With all this attention from me focused on your precious penis, you are in need of cumming, aren’t you?  So reach down and stroke it.  Show me you’re enjoying every moment of your submission.

Cock Teasing Excites You

Up and down…up and down…up and down…harder and faster you go.

This must be embarrassing for you, but that only enhances the excitement you feel.  Continue to masturbate for your lovely Mistress.  Remember, you must tell me when you are about ready to cum so I have the pleasure of teasing you further…and then ultimately destroying your little pee-pee climax forever!

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Listen to Ms. Cindy

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We Will Control Your Cock

Obviously you have landed on this site for a very particular reason.  You are looking for a FemDom Mistress to take control of your cock.  Sure, you stroke and edge often enough, but now it is time to push the boundaries.  Seeking out an extreme cock tease Mistress means you are willing to relinquish ALL control.  Mistress will own your aching package and tease you until she decides to stop.  If this is what you are seeking then look no further.  The FemDom Mistresses of LDW are five-star cock teases.  Learn more about our Cock Tease Mistresses at Extreme Cock Tease.  Find the right Goddess to make your balls turn blue!

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Lilith, Marlena, Amber, Lilly

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Mistress Lilith of Vox Erotic

” …perhaps is it the intense and erotic visuals she gives you as she builds into the perfect climax of ecstasy with nothing more than the image of her being, the sound of her velvety soft voice and her way of weaving words into complete bliss…”

Mistress Marlena of Your Phone Mistress

“As a Mistress specializing in tease and denial, I love using my artistry in cock control to leave you pulsing and begging for that orgasm you’ve been edging toward all day.”

Mistress Amber of The Tease Show

“The more you beg and plead for release, the more excited I get. I will make you worship me and give me all the attention I deserve.”

Mistress Lilly of Erotic Phone Mistress

“As a FemDom cock tease, I have no doubt in my mind I can tease your cock, and keep that dick under control. Being a cock tease allows my imagination to run wild, coming up with all sorts of ways to humiliate you,  while  I have complete control of your cock.”


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Pleasurable Torment From Cock Teasing

Let’s face it, the Mistresses of LDW are professional Cock Teases.  They are exceptional at getting your blood pumping and your heart racing.  Who wouldn’t want a sexy Mistress teasing their cock and bringing pleasurable torment?  Not to mention, cock teasing also has its health benefits.  It can help increase your stamina, which will in turn increase pleasure for you and your partner.  If you are interested in being teased by a knowledgeable  Masturbatrix, one that will guide you and build in you enough sexual tension you will be begging for orgasm, visit our Teasing Phone Sex website.  Let our Mistresses make your balls ache.

Check Out These Mistresses Who Are Also Well Versed in the Art of Teasing

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Mistress Alyssa of Prick Tease Princess

“Yeah, it does make me happy to prick tease you, and it does get my creative – and other – juices flowing, but one of my favorite ways to tease your cock is while I’m sitting on your face!”

Mistress Brighton of Enchantrix Tease

“There isn’t anything I love more than getting inside your head, finding out what makes you tick, and teasing you until your cock is throbbing hard, and begging for release.”

Mistress Kellie of Erotic Denial

“I know just how to take your cock in hand, and how to have you stroke so we get the most intense, powerful edges out of that cock.”

Mistress Lisa of Femme Fatale Mistress

“When your balls are aching from being on the receiving end of a prick teasing Mistress like me, the need to cum is so overwhelming that you will beg and plead for me to give you permission.”


Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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