Edging for Goddess Hannah

Did you know that I was one of the first people to post instructions on this site? If you would like to have a flashback and see that first post it’s right here, but if you decide to do it then you not only have to do the instructions from this post, but that post as well. Think carefully, can you do all of that stroking?

Okay then, get some lube or lotion before we start so you are ready, and if you have any vibrating toys, get that too. I want you to do the following:

  1. Have lube or lotion ready
  2. Get any vibrating devices you may have (you will only need one)
  3. Get completely naked
  4. Put yourself in a comfortable position

Are you ready? Are you sure? I mean if you are absolutely positively sure then you can get yourself all slippery for me and then I want you to stroke. I want you to stroke hard and firm, and I don’t want you to stop ever! Just joking (but not really).

I want you to stroke your cock for me until you feel like you just want to burst then I want you to take your hand away for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then I want you to do the same thing over again over and over and over bringing yourself right to the edge and then stopping.

Once you’ve done this for at least 30 minutes then you can click on the banner below to hear what I have to tell you.

Have fun!


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Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS!

The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!


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Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel

Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169Sometimes I forget that Our Tease Mafia site is meant to attract fans of guided masturbation. Guided masturbation fans are often looking for a companion on their stroking adventures rather than a ball-breaking Domme.

I understand that, and though My reputation for the more hard-core side of Femdom life is well-established, I want you to know that you and I can still go on a sensual and scintillating journey together.

As long as you continue to know My place, if not your own.

You don’t need to consider yourself submissive to stroke for Me

But you should consider yourself respectful, and ready to be, well, guided. That is an integral part of guided masturbation after all.

Not into calling Me “Mistress”? Rachel is fine.

But don’t call Me “baby”, or anything else that could characterize the type of familiarity you’d show to a woman you’re hitting on at a bar after three or four rounds have gone down. I do want you to picture Me as a friendly guide, but One who directs from a throne, not a bar stool.

Sometimes, I will admit, when I watch a man stroke for Me and W/e have a particularly friendly rapport, W/e might get a little cozier. But when that happens, it’s because I’ve stepped into his psychological bubble, not he into Mine.Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169

You can handle that, can’t you?

Watching a man stroke?

Why, yes. Didn’t you know that was an option?

I love to have a man stroke for Me, touching himself the way I direct, hearing his moans and sighs. But watching him via webcam kicks it up a notch.

Are you an exhibitionist? Particularly proud of your throbbing member? Well then, by all means, show it off! Add Me on Skype at enchantrixrachel, and W/e’ll add a visual wrinkle to O/ur time together!

Aww. Have I scared you? Maybe a little taste via audio will show you that, although I have My etiquette requirements when guiding your stroke session, the goal is still an explosive orgasm for you.


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Ms. Delia Knows You Need to be Teased

How to Keep a Man

When I was young, someone told me if you want to keep a man, you have to keep his stomach full and his balls empty. Hold on, hold on, I have to stop laughing! Men can eat anywhere they like and without a Cock Control Mistress, and jerk off anytime they want. Those of us who are cockteases know you must give him something he can’t get somewhere else, something he is incapable of doing by himself!

Cockteasing and Orgasm Denial

Of course I’m talking about denying his orgasms, like I do with my subby hubby. I like to keep him aroused all the time. During the day, I write him some dirty text messages, maybe send him a picture of me in sexy lingerie. When he’s home, I whisper in his ear all the naughty things I’ll do to him once I’m done tormenting all of you. Most importantly, I edge him! At least once a day is a must! On the weekends, I like to edge him a number of times every hour or so. On Christmas Day, I edged him over a hundred times and ruined 5 orgasms!

How Do I Cocktease Him

Sometimes, before he leaves for work in the morning I give him a quick handjob until that first drop of precum appears, then stop and give him a goodbye kiss. Other times, I tie him to the bed and give myself several orgasms by sliding my pussy along his hard shaft. He does have an amazing cock, so I frequently let it inside so he doesn’t forget how it feels. I get him so worked up that he will do anything for me in the hope for an orgasm!

Allowed to Cum

Here’s the thing though, you don’t want to totally deny him, because there’s nothing compared to the way he looks at me after I finally allow him an orgasm! I’m the first Mistress who’s ever had him in chastity, and at first it was difficult for him. But, he has learned to love it and realizes that I am the only person on this planet who can grant him this extraordinary pleasure he never experienced before!


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Ms. Christine’s Top 3 Cocktease Picks

I love being a Cocktease and I love hearing my pets grunt and groan in need for me – what MILF Cocktease doesn’t?  So, here are my top three ways to cocktease you.

Masturbation As A Cocktease Tool

Cocktease play with Ms Christine

How will I decide to tease you and your cock…

Not you, gooner!  I mean me playing with my love button and my perfect pink pussy while you listen!  This is one of the times I like to flip around the whole CFNM thing.  I leave you clothed, and even have you tie yourself up so you can’t do anything to yourself. And then I strip down.  I might even add to the fun and give you a hot striptease and even a lap dance! Trust me, I can make it quite real in that mind of yours. Then I’ll  start touching myself, using my fingers to excite myself.  It’s so hot to hear me moan and to hear my breath quicken as I get wetter. If I move the phone down, you might even hear the squishy noises my wetness makes. I bet that makes you want to stroke, huh? Too bad you’re all tied up!

Face Sitting

I love making you my throne.  I’ll straddle your face and slowly lower myself down.  Give you one lick, then pop back up…two licks and back up again, teasing you with my pussy until I settle in for the ride!  Yet again, the orgasms are all mine as I sit on your face and you lick me to climax after climax. 

Cocktease While Your Worship My Breasts

Well, really not worship.  You see, I’m going to tie you to a chair, sit on your lap and bring your face into my beautiful, sexy cleavage.  But you can’t kiss, and you can’t lick.  Just sit there, smelling my perfume, feeling that soft skin, while I grind away.  I better not feel your lips or tongue.  I don’t want to have to give you a punishment spanking!

Oh, and pets, feel free to share these ideas with the Cocktease in your life!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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