Trying to hide your unruly cock from the girls?

Your unruly cockThrough the Cloth

You know how when you were in school, you rubbed your dick through your jeans? It was debatable whether you were trying to feel good or hide your unruly cock from the girls who seemed to be everywhere. When you hid your hard-on with books, you pressed those against your cock, too, didn’t you. (Don’t deny it; I know you did!)

When you were in college, you found more time and outlets to masturbate, but it still felt so good to press on your dick through your clothes. Even if you were able to have sex finally, it wasn’t enough to keep you from getting hard all the time. Hiding it again in classes or walking to the library.

Even now at work under the desk, you use the heel of your hand to press on your cock, pushing it downward, only to feel it slide back up again… you doing a sort of sideways stroking dance. Over and over again. Oops! Do you feel the wet in your underwear? Did you drip some pre-cum? Maybe you are stimulating yourself a tad too much.

It’s become a habit, that type of enjoying your personal toy… your dick… hasn’t it. While it might usually be reserved for when you are out, some of you seem to have really gotten into a place of not being able get aroused without this nudging cat & mouse game.

And ohhhhhh, do I love watching it.

Talk about Tease & Denial! You sitting there on your lounge chair, Cam on a hard surface in front of you, with me watching.

Um… keep that dick IN your pants, boy. I want to watch you press and rub. I want you to make it so hard your balls start hurting. I want you to feel wet from pre-cum in there.

I want to see if you can even cum this way.


When we turn that Cam off, I am sure you will strip and stroke faster than I can say, “Don’t touch it!”

At least I was able to deny you for quite awhile, right?

laughing at your suffering

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Teasing Your Blue Balls from Ms. Harper

I love teasing you to tears over your blue balls.

I know you probably don’t enjoy getting a nice set of bright blue balls, but hot damn if I don’t love the sight of them. I’ve actually had someone use the sorry excuse for why they needed to get laid right then and there that if they didn’t their poor backed up testicles would actually rupture. I didn’t fall for it then, and that excuse won’t work on me now. You won’t really suffer all that much from delayed orgasm, fellas. In fact, it’s good for you to delay that big ‘O’ for a while.

800 601 7259 blue balls Just because you don’t like getting blue balls, doesn’t mean they’ll really harm you much.

Here’s the skinny on blue balls: any ejaculate that you build up in your testicles that isn’t released through ejaculation is reabsorbed into your body, no harm, no foul. You’ll feel a little sore, kinda cranky, and your delicate feefees will be hurt, but as for actual medical harm? Yeah, no. Being denied an orgasm won’t hurt you at all!

Blue balls are good for you!

You need to take it nice and slow and not worry so much about when you get to orgasm, because that race to the finish line isn’t doing you any favors. The more often you sit and whack one off super fast, the harder it’ll be for you to last in the sack with any woman, ever. You’re training your body to be a fast cummer, and, on behalf of all your lovers: stop that. Take it slow and work on relearning how to delay your orgasm. If that delay comes at the cost of a set of nice bright blue balls, so be it! The benefit is worth the ache in your nuts.

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Tickling and Teasing Your Cock

Teasing your cock is fun when you add a little bit of tickling to the game.

Tickling and teasing your cock is so much fun for Ms. Simone!

Tickling and teasing you!

First off, it would not be teasing at all if you could easily escape my grasp. This is why you are going to be handcuffed and teased. I can’t just have you wiggling away whenever you want. What fun would that be for Me? So, I put you in your favorite chair completely naked. I also make sure to tie up your cock and balls nice and tight and include a cock ring so you don’t go losing your erection when the tickling begins.

You look like a New Years holiday package, all tied up and pretty.

I start by putting on some music and stripping for you. I want you to be rock hard for me. Then, I pick out my favorite peacock feather and run it over my own body. You watch it with a bit of fear and anticipation. Then I straddle your thighs, letting my wet pussy rub against them. I take the peacock feather and tickle the back of your knees.

I feel you jump and jerk a bit against me.

I then whisper in your ear, “Does that tickle?” while I tickle you a bit harder.

Before you know it, you are laughing and crying and begging for me to stop. It’s a good thing we figured out what your safe word was before hand. I just hope I can remember it….

I’m having so much fun tickling you that I rub myself against your thigh until I am able to cum from your teasing tickling torture. I guess, since I already came, this story will be one of tease and denial. I whisper this in your ear as I get up from your lap and put away my feather.

You watch me as I get dressed, but before I leave, I remove the handcuffs and pour cold water over your cock.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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Cock Teasing Game by Princess Andi

Hi, to all of you hand humpers. Today, I am going to play a naughty little cock stroking game with you. The first thing you will do for me is strip down to your birthday suit. That’s right, take off all your clothes. You know how much I love it when you get naked for me. Oh, look at you blush.

All eyes on me, stroker boy.Get naked for Princess Andi and play this jerk off game.

I am sitting on the bed in my red stilettos and dressed to the nines. I see how you look at me. I look so sexy! I part my legs and pat right between my thighs, come here, sit right here between my legs. You are to lean back and rest your back against me. I cradle you and place my hand over your mouth. We are going to play a little game. Mums the word. You cannot make any noise as I tease your cock with my hands. If you speak one word, I will stop touching you and make you put a chastity device on with no cumming for a very long time.

Let the jerk off game begin.

I will start out with my hand loosely around your hard cock and begin to slowly stroke you up and down. I see you biting your lip. I bet you want to moan don’t you, stroker boy? Oh, but if you do, lock up for you! *giggles* I tighten my grip, squeeze that throbbing cock and stare into your eyes, as I thrust my hand up and down. You want to moan don’t you? You want to yell out, but you know if you do, I will lock that cock in chastity, so quiet, horny boy! I am going to do this for the next hour, and you are going to keep quiet. I just love how your facial expressions tell me everything I need to know.

Can you handle the game?

How do you like my game? What kind of noise do you think you will make as I slowly tease your hard cock? Is it going to be a gasp, a moan, a whimper or a sigh that gets you locked up in chastity? Hee-hee, I am not sure what kind of noise it is that you will make, but I am sure it won’t take much of my masturbating your cock for you to end the game. *evil grin*

I am so looking forward to locking your horny cock up because we both know you wont be able to be quiet.

Princess Andi


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