Tease and Delay Slut

I love it when you turn into my own personal little tease and delay slut.

It’s easy, isn’t it? To just let go and let me take over, drive you to the edge and make you into my sweet, horny bitch. It’s easy for me, too. I can see it in you, the burning need to be taken apart and then put back together again in a new shape. The edges are sharp, but they only cut you, don’t they? That itch in your skin to submit, to let it all go, to just… be a slut for the pleasure and ecstasy.

Tease Slut 800 601 7259You’re already halfway to being a tease slut right now.

All you need is to let that final bit of resistance crumble and give in to the urge. You know how good it feels when you can kneel and simply obey. That joy of freedom is addictive, isn’t it? It’s alright, I know how good it can be for you. I know you dream of it at night, shivering in your bed and wishing, wishing… wishing for my hand on you, urging you up to that edge again and again.

Tease and delay can turn the strongest of men into a mewling bitch, but you…

You never were the strongest of men to begin with. You, with just a little teasing, just telling you to hold on a little longer, and you’re putty. You melt in my hands, giving up total control over your cock to me, and letting me do literally anything I want with you! Such a sweet tease and delay slut you turned out to be… How could I ever let you go after this?

If I had my way I’d keep you like this forever.

You’d be horny and desperate, aching for my touch and my voice whispering in your ear. You’d beg for permission to finally cum, and I’d simply tell you “no, not yet, you can hold on a little longer for more.” Because you can hold on, can’t you? That’s the delay part of this. The slut part? The slut part is when you do get to cum for me, and then realize that you’re going to come back again and again, begging for more, begging to do that again.



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What it Takes to be a Superior Cock Tease

Ms. Alexis is a superior cock tease. Call her and find out just how superior!You have stumbled upon the ultimate seductress. I reign supreme when it comes to teasing men (and on occasion women) and using them to get exactly what I want. A lot of women claim to be a superior cock tease, but they really have no idea what it takes. What DOES it take, you ask? It takes intelligence, beauty, determination and a really deviant mind.

What does it take to be a cock tease?

Trust me, I love using my gorgeous body to tease your cock and convince you to do exactly what I want you to do. It’s never that hard. Some men try to put up a fight, but in reality, they know their resistance is futile. You can only resist a woman like me for so long before you come to the realization that you are no match for me.

A lot of women tease men and get what they want by touching them, sitting on a lap here and there or promising them something a little naughtier. That’s not my style. I know that I said I use my body, but not in the way that you think. A good cock tease doesn’t need to do that. That’s only a small piece of the puzzle. I can tease you with my mind. I know how to get into your head so far that you’ll be nothing but putty in my hands.

Teasing cock is what I do BEST.

And just so you know, I love a challenge. I know there are many men who claim that they are strong and cannot be teased into submission. To that, I say call me. Talk to me. If you think you’re so strong that I can’t get to you, then you have nothing to lose, right? I adore a battle of wills, but you should know that I never lose and it’s not going to happen with you, either. You’ve never experienced a cock tease like me. Grab your phone and let’s do this.


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Humiliation tease from Ms. Harper

A good humiliation tease can be so much fun!

I love what happens when you get just a little bit embarrassed. Your endocrine system is used for both embarrassment and arousal, so when you’re embarrassed, it feels just like being turned on! And since I know that, I can use it to my advantage when I’m teasing you. A humiliation tease is where I figure out something that is embarrassing to you, and then link that embarrassment to a little tease. Your arousal goes through the roof, and that’s where my fun begins.

humiliation tease 800 356 6169When I figure out what makes you squirm, that’s where the humiliation tease begins.

Maybe you’re embarrassed by how easy it is to get you aroused. Maybe you’re turned on by the idea of being naked while I’m still fully dressed; maybe having you masturbate for me both turns you on and makes you blush. Maybe I like seeing you blush and squirm and then reach down to adjust that suddenly hard cock.

Whatever it is that turns you on, I’ll find it, and then I’m going to use it to play my humiliation tease game.

I love teasing you when you’re turned on and desperate. Seeing you beg and squirm and ache for me is a rush, and knowing that all I have to do is find that thing that makes you blush… I know you’re a dirty little slut for me, and I know you love being my tease whore. I’ll remind you of how desperate you look, how debauched, how fucking dirty you really are. And then, when you blush, and stammer, and get so hungrily humiliated? Well, that’s where we’re going to stay for a while. You and me, playing this humiliation game over and over again.

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Cuckold Humiliation Tease

I want to talk about an aspect of the cuckold fetish that often gets overlooked: Cuckold Humiliation!

Now, yes, the idea of being embarrassed because your girlfriend or wife is cuckolding you is pretty common, but I want to tease this idea out more, make it more real and up in front. I want to get in depth with cuckold humiliation as its own separate thing. If you listened to the Whore School episode on the Cuckold Fetish, you already know that my favorite version of cuckolding is based in female superiority. If you haven’t listened, you can hear the Cuckold Fetish episode here, and don’t forget to tune in live on Sunday nights at 11 pm EDT for new episodes.

800 356 6169 cuckold humiliationWhat do I mean when I talk about cuckold humiliation?

As with all forms of erotic humiliation, the cuckold humiliation starts with you being embarrassed. In this case, you’re embarrassed because you’re not the one having sex with your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just that simple fact that proves to be the spark to your humiliation. You’re not having sex with a woman who, in theory, ought to be sexually available to you. How embarrassing! Sometimes, there’s extra layers to your humiliation: maybe he’s significantly better endowed than you are. Perhaps he can make her cum multiple times where you can’t. Maybe, when she puts you side by side with him, you just plain don’t measure up.

Cuckold humiliation is playing on the thing that embarrasses you.

In this case, you’re not into the scenario because her desirability as a sexual partner reflects well on you, like in the Hot Wife fantasy. You’re not into it because you love to see a Big Black Cock in action, making your woman into a dirty slut in bed. You’re turned on because it’s embarrassing, because it’s plain humiliating to see how much more she wants him than she wants you. You’re into it because you’re not as much of a man as He is, and having that rubbed in your face is fucking hot.

I’m into it because cuckold humiliation hits all my happy buttons.


Humiliation Tease

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Call 800-601-6975 for an erotic phone sex session.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.
Discreetly billed to your credit card.
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