Cuckold Tease

I do love to tease you about being a total cuckold.

I know you don’t think you really are a cuckold, but darling, let me tell you a secret: it’s not all a cuckold tease for you. It’s not just that I tell you hot stories to get you all wound up, and then laugh while you cum all over yourself, there’s more to the story. I have to get this off my chest, because I know you think it’s all been a game. You think I’ve just been teasing you all this time, but there’s a germ of truth in every story. So every fantasy I spin about some guy at a bar, or out at the county fair, or the cute guy at the library, has a central nugget of truth to it.

I tell you these stories to get you all horny and wound up.

Cuckold tease by Mistress Harper.I love the cuckold tease games we play. I love watching you get jealous, and then horny despite yourself, and then when you finally loose control and make such a mess on yourself, it’s just such a rush for me and I can’t help myself. So, darling, last weekend when you were on that business trip, and I was all alone, I started thinking. I though I could go to the bar, the one we like so much with the leather booths, and maybe find a cute guy to flirt with. I swear, I was only going to flirt. Just to get more fodder for our little cuckold tease game, I promise. Only to flirt…

But I was lonely, and you were away…

His name is Aaron, and he’s very cute. Brown hair and eyes, nice swimmer’s build, just like I like, and a cute dimple in his chin. He’s a woodworker, a cabinet maker, and he’s got really nice forearms and hands with calluses, and he can lick pussy like a drowning man gasping for air. I know, it’s so wrong to actually make you a cuckold, instead of just teasing you about it, but I was weak and he was there.

Are you getting jealous, darling? You know I’m here with you now. And Aaron is, well, he’s around I’m sure, and now look at you, so horny and turned on. I knew you’d get off on this story, just like the others. Isn’t it so much better with these little real elements? I’ve taken our cuckold tease game to a whole new level! Look at how horny you are, right now, so eager to show me that hard cock, aren’t you. It’s all just a story, isn’t it, a hot, sexy, fun story.

All just a story to add to our cuckold tease game.

Anyway, Aaron can’t wait to meet you.


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Ms. Piper’s Library Tube Top Cock Tease

sissy cock sucking phone sex

Do you need a taste?

Here in South Carolina, it’s still nice and hot, which means all of us sexy cock teasing southern girls are still wearing our cutoff shorts and tube tops, even when we hit the library for a little bit of the old research.

I can’t help myself. I’m always getting obsessed about one subject or another–which means hitting the library! Of course, it’s always fun to get disapproving glances from all of the librarians and frumpy women roaming the stacks. It’s even more fun when men like you give me the side-eye and try to pretend you’re not staring.

Coming inside after walking around in the southern heat, my tube top doesn’t leave much to the imagination as my nips suddenly get hard as little plum pits from the air conditioning. Of course I see you looking.

Did you get a chubby in your pants when I pulled my hair up and fanned the back of my neck, arching my back and pushing my sweet little tits out there for anyone to see?

A natural cocktease like me knows you have a tent in your jeans just as you hurriedly scurry away. And of course I saw you stalking me as I wandered around the shelves, bending over and picking up my papers when I dropped them.

To your credit, you only stared at my ass exposed by my way-too-short shorts, although I suspect you only came rushing over to get a better view of my shorts crammed between my legs. That’s okay, though, because you were so sweet and helped me get all of my papers back in my folder, I made sure I gave you a little peek down my top. From the look on your face, you really appreciated it!

You were so cute when you followed me out to my car. I walked over to you, gave your hard-on a little pat, and gave you a little wink. I know what you’ll be doing after I leave!

Call me a cocktease all you want, but don’t try to tell me you don’t like it!

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Tease and Delay the “Old School” Way

Tease and delay the "old school" way.

Mature Miss Vivian’s Blast From the Past

Greetings gents, this is Mistress Vivian from Fem Domain, and I learned the art of tease and delay when I came of age in 1974. I wonder how many of you were even alive when I learned the sexy art of the tease and delay.

If your tastes run more towards sexy young ladies with bright soprano voices, today just might be the day for you to sample the delights of a well-aged and experienced gal.

Way Back in Time

Modern young have grown up without the cultural rules of my era. Now the good night kiss isn’t on the lips. My generation was watched over and ruled by their mothers. We also had a healthy fear of disappointing our fathers. Still, those hormones coursing through our bodies had to go somewhere.

We used our womanly wiles; teasing with promises, flirting to distract the amorous, petting for hours until our lips were raw. And always, the guys begging for more and using the old trick of moaning about blue balls. I’d bet good money that you who are reading this used it, too.

Sitting on a Gold Mine

The day my Daddy told me that I was sitting on a gold mine, and not to sell it cheap, the tease in me awoke. Oh, the fun times I had in the back seats of muscle car, steaming up the windows and grinding on each other, fully clothed.
Naturally, there was a group of tramps, spreading it for a bag of White Castle belly bombers and a six-pack of wine coolers. Not this well-raised young lady with a midnight curfew.

The Art of Tease and Delay

Everyone went out on Friday nights, first descending on our favorite diners before hitting the bars, or catching the new mega hit, Godfather 3. A movie date meant two hours of clutching hands and sloppy kissing in the balcony of a cool and pitch black theater. Forty plus years later, this old gal can still remember the chills running up my spine when my hand “accidentally” slipped off his thigh and grazed across his bulging basket. That, my friends, is Tease and Delay 101.

Remember being told “Good things come to those who wait?” Then you will want to get out your lube and listen to my new audio:
“The 3rd Date”


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Ms. Christine’s Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge

Want Out of Your Chastity Cage

Cock Teasing Chastity Challenge with Ms Christine

I love challenging you…

How many more of you chastity sluts are there in the waiting room, outside of that door?  You all came here to try my cock teasing chastity challenge, to see if I would let you out of the confinement that I currently have you locked up in.  So far, five have entered, and all five have failed to meet the challenge!  So, chastity slave tell me, are you ready to give it a go?  I bet you are. Now winning release from that spiked chastity cage is simple.  Just have a seat in this chair, and I’ll tell you what you must do.

The Chastity Challenge

I’m going to sit myself on your lap.  You’re going to wrap your hands around my breasts.  For two hours.  All you have to do is keep them there for that time.  I’m going to allow you to do whatever you want with them.  Massage them, pinch my nipples, play with them like they are radio dials, lick them, suck them.  The only thing is, you can’t cry or give up. 

You’re Getting Me Horny

Now, if you get me excited, I’m allowed (of course!) to grind on your lap and kiss and make out with you.  Just knowing you’re locked in chastity is getting me excited enough, so I’m probably going to enjoy grinding against you and your cage. And the knowledge that you will keep your hands on my breasts, no matter what I do to you is very arousing as well. Because if you fail, I’ll add another month to your chastity sentence. Also, I’m a really good kisser and a great lap dancer!  Good luck, you’re going to need it!

Don’t worry though, if you do fail and find yourself lock up for another month, I’m always available to issue you another challenge. If you meet it, I might waive the rest of the month, but if you fail again, that will be two more months of cock teasing you and your locked up cock.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

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Getting Hotter This Summer with Cock Teasing Fun

Cock teasing fun to make your summer HOT!

1-800-601-6975 Cock Teasing Hot Summer

Hello, guys! I’ve had a plethora of cock teasing and cock edging calls recently. So much so that I’ve decided to have a special promotion all about the cock tease! From now until my birthday, August 27th free JOI with each 15 minute call. Well, I can’t really call it Jack Off Instructions, because it might involve a bit of time where there’s not touching at all!

Cock Teasing Fun

It’s easy, all you have to do is make a fifteen minute call. Let me get to know you, we can play and practice from the very start! Then you’ll receive instructions on what to do , or not do with that cock until next week! Vacation planned or can only do every other week? Works for me, I just want to control you, that cock and your orgasms for a bit of HOT summer fun! I love to get reports, and updates how you are doing with your task, just don’t get crazy on me! LOL Maybe an (read that as: one) email in between calls!

Cock Teasing Fantasies

So what kind of naughty things have you always wanted to do with that cock? Or better yet what is that cock whispering you to do? Humm? Does that cock want some pretty panties? How about a nice vibrator for your naughty ass? Edging your cock every time I mention something on twitta. I’ll have you a sweaty moaning and begging!

Let’s discuss your cock’s bucket list and cross some off this summer! I’ll customized a fun cock teasing hot time for us that includes (legal safe and sane) your hot ideas! Don’t worry about shocking me, I want to hear it all! But that doesn’t mean you might not hear a “Ohhhhhh yea, no!” LOL
No harm, no foul, right? Let me hear from you today!



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